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Terms and Conditions of Payment Reminder Service
  1. Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A., hereinafter referred to as "CEM", shall undertake to provide the "Payment Reminder Service", which consist of: informing the User the bills has been issued on "Bill Issued Date" and reminding the User to settle the unpaid electricity bill through either or both mobile phone SMS or e-mail before the "Payment Due Date" and the " Avoid Disconnection Date".
  2. Subject to these terms and conditions, "User" means every individual or corporate body who has applied the "Payment Reminder Service" from CEM notwithstanding the user is the own person of the contract holder registered with CEM.
  3. User is liable to provide CEM with accurate, complete and updated registration information.
  4. CEM shall undertake to provide a normal and proper operation of "Payment Reminder Service". CEM shall not guarantee that the content will be error free or the server that operates it is free of virus or other harmful components.
  5. CEM shall undertake to minimize possible losses or damages arising from transportation errors. CEM shall not bear any responsibility for losses or damages arising from such events.
  6. CEM reserves the right to change and amend any of these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. User shall be bound by those new and amended terms and conditions accordingly, once such new and amended terms and conditions are posted on the Site. User is responsible for regularly reviewing the updated terms and conditions.
  7. CEM reserves the right to deactivate or terminate the "Payment Reminder Service" to you without prior notice if CEM reasonably believes that the User is not registered with CEM as a contract holder, the User has violated any applicable laws or regulations, committed a breach of these terms and conditions, or infringed any of CEM's rights or those of a third party.
  8. The personal data collected by means of this "Payment Reminder Service" will be used by CEM to proceed with the application and to facilitate future communication. Update of the personal data collected by means of this "Payment Reminder Service" should be addressed to CEM, Customer Contact Centre, Customer Service Officer at 2833 9911.
  9. The application via internet and phone is only applicable to residential customer.