CEM Has Completed the First Case of “Safety Upgrade Subsidy Program for Communal Electrical Installations in Low-rise Aging Buildings”

15 June 2021, Macau

In accordance with the “Safety Upgrade Subsidy Program for Communal Electrical Installations in Low-rise Aging Buildings” launched by Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A. (CEM) at the end of 2020, the upgrade for the first subsidized case Edf. Fai On was successfully completed with the support of various government departments and the joint efforts of CEM staff, contractors and customers.

Edf. Fai On is located on Rua do Rebanho. The main collective line distribution box of the building is seriously rusted, and even has holes on the box, which has lost its protective function. The collective lines can be affected by water seepage at any time, or bitten by rats to cause a short circuit, and may even cause a fire. The “Safety Upgrade Subsidy Program for Communal Electrical Installations in Low-rise Aging Buildings” takes the protection of public safety as the principle. The priority is given to high-risk cases with immediate electrical hazards. The upgrade of Edf. Fai On covered the communal electrical installations of the entire building, including replacing the main low-voltage switchboard, main collective panel, meter box, main collective line and CCL. After the upgrade, the relevant installations have complied with CEM’s existing technical specifications. In addition, considering that residents may increase their electricity demand in the future, the power supply capacity of the communal electrical installations has also been increased during the upgrade.

The “Safety Upgrade Subsidy Program for Communal Electrical Installations in Low-rise Aging Buildings” was established by CEM shareholders with a contribution of MOP 30 million, subsidizing the upgrade of communal electrical installations in aging buildings over 30 years old and less than seven storeys. These buildings are defined as “three-nil” buildings (i.e., without management entities, residents’ organizations and property management companies) that are in immediate danger. CEM hopes to improve electricity safety and help residents eliminate potential safety hazards. It is estimated that 150 to 200 buildings can be subsidized for the upgrade of the communal electrical installations in three years, benefiting about 3,000 households.

Since the launch of the program, CEM has inspected and assessed more than 2,800 buildings. In the first phase, 44 buildings have been identified as being in immediate danger and in urgent need of repair, involving nearly 800 households. CEM has been sending letters to inform the relevant buildings. Upon receiving confirmation for accepting the subsidy from the residents of the building, CEM’s contractors will provide quotations based on the actual situation. CEM will subsidize 80% of the overall project cost and the remaining cost will be borne by the property owners. With the support of relevant government departments, CEM will conduct technical supervision in accordance with laws and regulations to guide contractors to carry out the upgrade in an orderly manner.

CEM is constantly inspecting and screening dangerous buildings with urgent need for repair. To be eligible for the subsidy, residential buildings (excluding economic housing and social housing) aged 30 years or above, with no more than seven storeys and with no lifts (excluding shops), as well as receiving no subsidies related to communal electrical installations from the Housing Bureau (IHM) within the past three years. Citizens can visit CEM website ( to check whether their building is in the “List of Eligible Buildings” by inputting the building name and learning more about the details of the subsidy program. CEM will update the list constantly.

CEM reminds citizens that accidents related to communal electrical installations such as tripping, power outages, fires and even explosion have often occurred during the summer peak electricity consumption season. A building’s communal electrical installations are jointly owned by property owners, who should bear the responsibility to hire experienced electrical contractors to conduct regular maintenance and repair to ensure both electrical and residential safety.

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