Pay electricity bills at Circle K to win a rebate

Till 15 Oct, pay electricity bills at Circle K will be exempted from service charge and automatically enter the lucky draw to have a chance to win MOP100 electricity fee rebate!

“Photography Course” Powering the Night View of Macau

Thank you for the overwhelming support! Registration for the “Photography Course” Powering the Night View of Macau is now CLOSED.

Macau Energy Saving Activity – “Residential Building Public Facilities” Group

Cherish the energy available to sustain future resources. Click to register now!

Macau Energy Saving Activity – “Hotel/Resort” Group

Implementing eco-friendly practices in hotels to build a greener city. Click to register now!

5% Energy Saving Action Lucky Draw

The less energy consumed, the more resources conserved. Click now to register and win great prizes!

Property Registration Report/Business Registration Application Service

Whenever customers need the mentioned documents for services at our Customer Service Center, we will assist to apply (relevant government charges are required to be paid).

Optimizing power facilities in low-lying areas

Powering Forward

Through making efforts day by day in maintenance, power generation and distribution, we hope to power citizens’ lives forward, inspire and prompt them to make changes to create a more brilliant life.

Our Energy, Our City

Rooted in Macau, we are fully committed to energizing our city with world-class quality power supply at reasonable rates to contribute to sustainable economic development.

Charging Our Life

We attach great importance to corporate social responsibility. One of our core values is to deliver love and care to our community, which has been embedded in our corporate visions.

Powering the Green Future

We believe education should always come first in environment protection. Thus, we actively promote green culture and energy conservation among all citizens to facilitate a sustainable future.

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About CEM Provide a quality service with reasonable tariffs

To supply to the Territory of Macau an essential service to its economic and social development, and to the well being of its population - the electricity supply. Coexists in CEM the public nature of a basic sector of activity with the private nature of its social capital.