CEM conducts power restoration drills with IAS for its social service facilities in low-lying areas as preparation for typhoon season

20 May 2020, Macau

Macau has entered typhoon season. According to the prediction of Macau Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG), about four to six tropical cyclones will enter within 800 kilometers of Macau this year, with the possibility of reaching strong typhoon level or above. The typhoon season is expected to start in mid-June or later, and end in late September. Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A. (CEM) continuously strengthens the optimization of power facilities in low-lying areas, which includes optimizing the medium-voltage network structure, raising power facilities, installing flood barriers, strengthening the sealing of cable inlets, as well as installing flood alarm systems, flood detectors and sump pumps in customer substations, and so forth, so as to continuously improve the disaster prevention and resilience capabilities of power facilities. In terms of long-term improvement measures for enhancing the disaster prevention and resilience of new buildings in low-lying areas, CEM stipulated in “Technical specifications for new building’s electrical installations” that electrical installations in new buildings must be installed above +4.21msl, the flood protection level set by Macau SAR Government.

During typhoon, severe flooding may occur in low-lying areas when storm surge is in force, leading to serious conditions such as explosions due to electrical leakage in low-voltage distribution facilities. In order to ensure personal and property safety of citizens, as well as avoid damage to power facilities and speed up power restoration after the water has receded, CEM must take the initiative to suspend power supply in some of the low-lying areas based on the flooding conditions.

In response to the seniors’ need for continuous use of life-support equipment at elderly centres in low-lying areas, CEM has been working closely with Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) to provide technical support and advice on creating power outage plan, installing uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and raising electrical equipment, etc. with the aim to solve their power usage needs during power suspension. CEM also defined prioritization mechanism for power restoration to minimize the impact on elderly centre members.

To get prepared for typhoon season as early as possible, CEM cooperated with IAS to conduct emergency power restoration drills for IAS’s social service facilities located in low-lying areas. Following the previous drill with Ian Oi Nursing Home, today a drill was also conducted at Asilo de Felicidade to test the newly-installed temporary power distribution box and temporary power supply plan. The expected results of two drills were achieved.

CEM hereby appeals to citizens to get prepared for possible power suspension and pay close attention to the latest information posted on CEM’s Website (, Facebook fan page and WeChat, as well as the news issued by Macau SAR Government during typhoon.

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