Photovoltaic System (PV)


The Macau SAR Government launched the “Regulation for Safety and Installation of Solar Energy PV Interconnections” on 26 January 2015, standardizing the installation of solar power Photovoltaic (PV) generation systems and related equipment in public or private buildings, and formulating safety specifications for connecting solar power PV generation systems to public electric networks of both Low Voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) directly or through power distribution systems.

CEM has long supported the use of green energy in Macau. One channel is to connect customers’ photovoltaic generation facilities to CEM’s low-voltage network. Bidirectional meters are installed to record both import and export of electricity. CEM will buy the electricity generated by the PV system at a feed-in tariff rate.

Given the continuous decline in the production cost of PV systems and considering the fluctuations in solar PV market and the reduced impact on Tariff Clause Adjustment in the long run, the feed-in tariff rates of PV electricity and the classification system of installed capacity were revised, effective from 1 July 2018 (as per table below).

GradeInstalled Capacity of 
Solar PV System
Feed-in Tariff Effective 
from January 2015 (MOP/kWh)
New Feed-in Tariff 
Effective from 1 July 2018 (MOP/kWh)
IBelow 10 kW4.83.7
II10 to 100 kW4.33.4
IIIOver 100 to 500 kW3.93
IVOver 500 kW3.92.8

To know more about the Regulation, please visit: DSPA (Portuguese only).

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