“CEM Brightening Stars” internship program kicks off, MSO trainees' third internship year in CEM

Macao, 25 September 2012

CEM joined hands with the Macau Special Olympics (MSO) for the third consecutive year to carry out the “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program. Under the 4-month internship program, six trainees with intellectual disability will work along with CEM staff in CEM Human Resources Department, Information Systems Department, Network Operations & Maintenance Department, Procurement and Logistics Department and Communications & Public Affairs Office. The internship program aims to endow trainees with working skills, thereby enhancing their self-confidence and facilitating them to integrate into society more easily in the future.

A launching ceremony for the program kicked off in CEM Building today at 3:30pm. Officiating guests included Yu Yiguan, Director of the Social Work Department of Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macao SAR, Hung Ling Biu, Head of the Labour Affairs Bureau Vocational Training Department, Chow Pui Leng, Director of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau Psycho Pedagogical Support and Special Education Centre, Jackie Sou, Acting Head of Social Welfare Bureau Rehabilitation Service Division, Mak Soi Kun and José Pereira Coutinho, members of the Macao SAR Legislative Assembly, Vong Kok Seng, President of CEM Customer Liaison Committee, members of the Commission for Rehabilitation Affairs, Ada Lo, Chairlady of Executive Committee of MSO, Hetzer Siu, MSO National Director, , Franklin Willemyns, CEM Chief Executive Officer, João Travassos da Costa and Jorge Vieira, CEM Executive Directors.

Since the launch of the “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program in 2009, twenty trainees have participated in the program. The program aims to provide trainees with opportunities to learn communication and working skills in an actual work environment and to help them better fit into society. Last year upon the completion of the internship program, CEM hired three trainees with outstanding performance as short-term contract employees, demonstrating that these trainees are able to face challenges in the job market. This year, CEM provided internship opportunities to more people with intellectual disability who have received trainings for years but have yet to get job opportunities, in the hope of improving their ability and help them fit into society.

Franklin Willemyns indicated in his speech that CEM thanks MSO for its collaboration with CEM to organize this meaningful internship program. As a responsible corporate citizen, apart from providing reliable and quality power supply services to Macao citizens, CEM also strives to fulfill its social responsibilities by proactively participating in social and charity activities and dedicating themselves to serving Macao’s community. Willemyns hopes that, through this internship program, the concept of building an inclusive society for all will be popularized, and more Macao institutions will be inspired to provide job opportunities to people with special needs and help them better integrate into society. He also encouraged all trainees could cherish the four-month internship program and fully demonstrate their advantages, and that CEM colleagues could provide patient guidance and care to these trainees, so that the effects of the internship program may be brought into full play. Hetzer Siu Yu Hong expressed his gratitude to CEM for proactively fulfilling its responsibilities as a social enterprise, continuously providing valuable internship opportunities to the intellectually-disabled, helping them tackle the employment problem and fit into society and providing a stage for them to display their talents. Thanks to the enthusiasm of CEM and the endeavor of the trainees, ten of the fourteen trainees who participated in last two years’ programs have found a job and still under employment, indicating that the internship program is efficient. This year’s internship program will focus on caring for a group of trainees who are relatively weaker and thus have less job and training opportunities. He believes that they will be competent for the work arranged by CEM. He hopes that CEM will continue to launch this meaningful internship program in the future, and that the public will support the program, so as to build an inclusive employment environment for the intellectually disabled.

CEM has been cooperating with MSO since 1996 by recruiting trainees with intellectual disability for vehicle cleaning services. Staff of CEM fleet division praise their concentration and carefulness in work. In addition, CEM also organizes the CEM Ambassadors Team, arranges regular visits on festivals, and encourages its staff to work as volunteers to make contribution. CEM has been sparing no effort in promoting charity and social welfare activities, not only by providing monetary and technical support for social welfare organizations, but also initiating community service to provide household electrical installation maintenance for underprivileged families who are in economic difficulties.

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