CEM Spares No Efforts to Provide Technical Support for Restoring Power Supply at Luso International Banking Building

Macao, August 7, 2012

The low-voltage power cable on the fifth floor of the Luso International Banking Building at Av. Dr. Mario Soares, No. 47 Macau broke down earlier and affected the power supply to the building. CEM hereby further clarifies the incident as follows:

The power failure was mainly caused by severely damaged power cables of the building, with the part on the fifth floor being damaged the most. Except the power supply of the 1st to 3rd floor, 21st, 27th and 28th floors, including the Luso International Banking Ltd. was not affected, power supply for the public lighting, central air conditioning, elevators above the sixth floor, restaurants and the fire-service installations has not yet been restored.

The failed low-voltage facilities on the 5th floor resulted in the severe damage of several power cables. The electrical contractor of the building faced great difficulty in the urgent repair afterwards, so it decided to suspend power supply to conduct repair work at around 7p.m. last night. This move may guarantee that electrical repair personnel could comprehensively inspect the failed cables and protect them from unnecessary danger. CEM also offered technical support to the contractor, and provided professional advice on breakdown maintenance, with a view to reduce the impact on customers. The contractor estimated that power supply to restaurant on the fifth floor will be restored today.

CEM hopes that customers could conduct maintenance on electrical facilities on a regular basis to avoid similar incidents. Citizens and property management companies should pay close attention to the maintenance and management of communal electrical installations in their buildings to avoid their daily lives being affected.

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