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30 August 2022

CEM joins hands with associations to promote energy saving and safety, and calls on property owners to pay attention to maintenance of communal electrical installations

CEM has been organizing the “Macau Energy Saving Activity” since 2009. This year, CEM continues to co-organize the Activity with Environmental Protection Bureau to promote the sustainable development of Macau and build a green and low-carbon society. In the past 13 years, a total of over 318 million kWh of electricity have been saved during the Activity and more than 261 million kilograms of carbon emissions have been reduced, equivalent to the planting of 11.3 million trees.

The “Energy Saving and Safety Seminars” held earlier by CEM in collaboration with the General Residents Association of Macau (UGAMM); Macau Institution of People’s Alliance (API); Women’s General Association of Macau (AGMM) and Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM) with overwhelming responses. The attending representatives were Chau Un Ian, Social Services Office Coordinator of UGAMM; Hoi Long Tong, Vice Director & Executive Director of Community Building Service Center of API and Yuan Han Jun, Vice Director & Community Building Service Centre Affairs Officer of API; Ada Chan, Vice President of AGMM; Leong Meng Ian, Vice Director of FAOM, Wong Sio San, Director of FAOM Taipa Integrated Services Centre and Lei Choi Fan, Director of FAOM Fai Chi Kei Family and Integrated Services Centre. CEM representatives include Cecilia Nip and Jaclyn Iun, Director and Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Office, as well as personnel from Customer Services Department: Joyce Lao, Customer Contact Management Senior Manager and Chris Chao, Technical Services Management Senior Manager.

The seminars were delivered by Aidan Cheang, Alice Fong, Ryan Chan and Katy Chan, Customer Contact Management Officers of CEM Customer Services Department, together with Heiko Lei, Kevin Wong, Tommy Cheong and Jeffery Chan, Technical Services Management Engineers of CEM Customer Services Department. The topics comprised of CEM customer services, household energy safety and saving tips as well as the importance of regular inspection and maintenance of communal electrical installations in buildings.

At the Seminars, CEM’s responsible personnel reminded attendees about the importance of regular inspection and maintenance of the communal electrical installations in buildings. CEM launched the “Safety Upgrade Subsidy Program for Communal Electrical Installations in Low-rise Aging Buildings” with funds of MOP30 million contributed by CEM shareholders in late 2020 to subsidize the upgrade of communal electrical installations in low-rise aging building with immediate danger to eliminate potential safety hazards, as well as provide technical supervision. Property owners who have received the invitation letter should contact CEM as soon as possible to join the Program and eliminate hidden threats to energy safety.

CEM representatives also introduced the company’s customer service. In view of the growing popularity of online services, CEM has launched a new website and online services to streamline the flow of its online services and improve users' browsing experiences. Customers can complete various services such as submitting applications, making enquiries, and paying bills, etc. through the Internet, without heading to CEM's Customer Service Centres in person. CEM representatives also advised attendees to follow and subscribe to CEM's WeChat account, so as to access the round-the-clock real-time self-services, and receive the latest CEM news and broadcast messages, as well as the latest information about power supply in times during typhoons. Meanwhile, CEM engineers taught attendees the correct concepts and habits of using electrical appliances at home to enhance household electrical safety. They also shared tips for energy saving and the selection of electrical appliances.

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