CEM dedicates to promoting environmental protection, 1,359 accumulated participations were registered in CEM Car Free Day

7 December 2011, Macao

Environmental protection is one of CEM’s core corporate values. CEM has been dedicated to reducing the impacts on environment caused by its operations, in a hope to become a “green partner” of the Macao community. Apart from the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System gained in 2003, and re-awarded in 2006 and 2009 respectively, CEM became the first public utility operator in Macao obtaining the ISO14064 Greenhouse Gases Management System Certification in 2010. Moreover, CEM has regularly and continuously launched various environmental protection activities involving its staff and the public to actively promote and improve the awareness of environmental protection.

In response to the annual “World Environment Day” on 5 June, CEM has set the first day of each month beginning from June of this year as “CEM Car Free Day”, calling on its staff to walk, carpool, take CEM shuttle bus, use public transit, or ride a bicycle instead of driving alone, in order to reduce vehicle emissions and protect the environment. Now in its seven-month running, 1,359 accumulated participations were registered in CEM Car Free Day, among which 738 traveled on foot, 214 by car pooling, 400 by CEM shuttle bus and public transportation, and seven by bike. Seven metric tons of CO2 emissions were reduced during the seven car-free days, equivalent to planting 303 trees.

In order to raise its management and employees’ awareness of environmental protection, CEM regularly organizes different trainings for the staff and sets up relevant awards that allow them to compete individually or in groups. This year Lam Kai San from the Generation Department received the Environmental Excellence Award by the project “CEM Coloane Power Plant A Lighting Electric Power Saving”, while the group from Procurement and Logistics Department Logistics and Administrative Support Premises Management won the Environmental Excellence Certificate of Merit for the project “Recycle of Cooking Oil and Industrial Oil”. Both plans were supported and implemented by CEM.

Staff’s family members are also in the target list. CEM hosts the “Recycle Wizard Competition”, aiming to enhance their awareness of environmental protection by encouraging them to recycle waste or redesign waste items into something they can use in daily life.

On the other hand, CEM also organizes a wide range of external activities like "Energy Fun Fair", “Environmental and Health and Safety Excellence Awards to CEM Contractors & Suppliers” and "Macao Building Energy Saving Competition" every year, spreading information on environmental protection and energy conservation wide across among students, citizens, residents, businesses like restaurants and hotels as well as business partners. CEM is committed to keeping on investment to improve Macao’s environment and create a healthier and cleaner Macao with Macao citizens.

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