CEM visits associations to promote the Safety Upgrade Subsidy Program for Communal Electrical Installations in Low-rise Aging Buildings

11 May 2022, Macau

In order to further promote the Safety Upgrade Subsidy Program for Communal Electrical Installations in Low-rise Aging Buildings in the community, Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A. (CEM) recently paid a visit to several associations and institutions, including Central and North District Community Services Advisory Committee, the General Residents Association of Macau (UGAMM), the Women’s General Association of Macau and Aliança de Povo de Instituição de Macau (API), to introduce the program in details in the hope to make use of associations’ close ties with citizens to help them get better understanding of the program and promote active participation.

In the meetings, CEM representatives introduced to the participants that the purpose of the program is to ensure the safety of residents. In view of the long-term lack of regular and proper maintenance and repairs, the communal electrical installations in many buildings in Macau could have potential hazards, which poses a threat and potential risk of accidents to residents, such as fire. Through the Program, CEM hopes to assist property owners of “three-nil” buildings (i.e., without management entities, residents’ organizations and property management companies) aged over 30 years with less than seven storeys in upgrading the communal electrical installations to eliminate potential safety hazards.

As of present, CEM has sent 341 invitations to eligible buildings. A total of 48 buildings have been successfully completed the upgrade, under upgrade or preliminary planning of communal electrical installations. Upon completion, more than 700 households will benefit from the program. However, CEM has encountered many obstacles in promoting the program, as residents have weak awareness of the safety of communal electrical installations in their buildings, and most of the people living in the buildings are tenants and elderly, making it difficult for CEM to directly contact the property owners to further explain the program. In view of these difficulties, CEM listened to opinions and suggestions at the meetings, and hoped to cooperate with associations and institutions to further promote residents’ participation.

The Program was launched in late 2020. CEM shareholders contributed MOP 30 million to subsidize the upgrade of communal electrical installations in “three-nil buildings” with immediate danger to assist residents in solving electricity safety problems. The upgrade covers the communal electrical installations of the entire building, including the replacement of the main low-voltage switchboard, main collective panel, meter box, main collective line and CCL. For buildings in low-lying areas, the relevant installations will be moved to a higher place at the same time. After upgrade, the communal electrical installations will be complied with CEM’s existing technical specifications. In addition, in view of the growing demands for electricity among residents, the power supply capacity of the communal electrical installations has also been increased during the upgrade, residents can apply for increasing the subscribed demand after upgrade.

As summer is approaching, the city’s electricity demand will increase over rising temperature. Buildings with potential electrical hazards will be at a higher risk if they are not upgraded as soon as possible. CEM calls on property owners to actively join the subsidy program to build a better home together. Citizens who have received “Invitation Letter of Subsidy Program” sent by CEM can enquire after CEM and associations for details of the program.

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