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CEM holds seminar to promote energy saving and power consumption safety, and calls on property owners to pay attention to the maintenance of communal electrical installations in buildings

CEM has been in support of the Macau Government's policies of energy saving and emission reduction and organizing the “Macau Energy Saving Activity” since 2009. This year, CEM continues to co-organize the Activity with Environmental Protection Bureau to raise public awareness of energy saving. In the past 12 years, a total of over 316 million kWh of electricity was saved during the Activity and more than 258 million kilograms of carbon emissions were reduced, equivalent to the planting of 11.7 million trees. The Activity is also part of CEM’s efforts to realize the vision of "Building a low carbon Macau, creating green living together" and in line with the country’s environmental development strategy to contribute to the “Dual Carbon” Goals to integrate into national development.

The “Energy Saving and Safety Seminars” held earlier by CEM in collaboration with the Women’s General Association of Macau (AGMM); Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM); the Macau Institution of People’s Alliance (API) and the General Residents Association of Macau (UGAMM) with overwhelming responses. The attending representatives were Loi I Weng, Vice Director of AGMM and Ma Io Fong, Vice Director of the Alliance for a Happy Home; Leong Meng Ian, Vice Director of FAOM; Un Hon Kuan, Vice Director & Building Affairs Committee Director of API and Chan Ian Ian, Standing Director of API; Chau Un Ian, Social Services Office Coordinator of UGAMM. CEM representatives include personnel from Customer Services Department: Joyce Lao, Customer Contact Management Senior Manager and Chris Chao, Technical Services Management Senior Manager; Josephine Lam, Reus Wong and Rubio Leong, Engineers of Transmission and Distribution Department; as well as Cecilia Nip and Jaclyn Iun, Director and Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Office.

The seminars were delivered by Maggie Lei, Aidan Cheang, Cilia Cheng and Ryan Chan, Customer Contact Management Officers of CEM Customer Services Department, together with Tommy Cheong and Heiko Lei, Technical Services Management Engineers of CEM Customer Services Department. The topics comprised of CEM customer services, household energy safety and saving tips as well as the importance of regular inspection and maintenance of communal electrical installations in buildings.

At the Seminars, CEM representatives introduced CEM Chatbot “Fady”, who is now available in CEM WeChat and Website to answer enquiries related to billing, power supply applications, payment and Government Subsidy Scheme anytime. In addition, CEM representatives also introduced the new “Estimated Bill”. If meter reader is unable to take meter reading, CEM will issue a blue bill to the customer. The envelope will be in blue color with the words “Estimated Bill” printed on it. Meanwhile, CEM engineers explained how to correctly use household appliances to avoid accidents and provided tips on how to choose electrical appliances that meet safety and energy-efficiency standards.

Besides, CEM representatives reminded attendees about the importance of regular inspection and maintenance of building’s communal electrical installations. Regardless of whether it is a high-rise or low-rise building, the lack of maintenance of communal electrical installations will lead to short-circuit failures or even fire, resulting in serious damages to communal electrical installations and endangering lives. CEM called on the property owners to face up to the problem and hire experienced electrical contractors to regularly inspect and repair their building's communal electrical installations.

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