CEM " Macau Energy Saving Activity " accumulatively saves over 318 million kWh of electricity

CEM has organized the “Macau Energy Saving Activity” every year since 2009 with the aim of promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. Last year, CEM joined hands with Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) to hold the Activity again, with the General Residents Association of Macau (UGAMM), Property Management Business Association of Macau, as well as Macau Hoteliers and Innkeepers Association as co-organizers. A total of 489 buildings took part in the “Residential Building Public Facilities Group” contest and 4,460 people registered for the “5% Energy Saving Action” Lucky Draw during the activity period from July to October 2021.

A jury comprised of professionals in Macau was formed to make the final judgment on the “Residential Building Public Facilities Group” . Representatives of the judges include Maggie Lei, Head of Publicity and Education Team of Macau Consumer Council; João Ramos, President of Macau Energy Saving Association; Cheang Io Tung, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Macau Electromechanics Professionals Association; Andy Tam, Standing Director of Macau Association of Building Contractors and Developers and Tomas Leong, Council of Macau Association of Consumers of Public Utility Companies. The winners of “5% Energy Saving Action” Lucky Draw were drawn by Un In Lin, Head of DSPA Environment Publicity, Education and Cooperation Department; Cheng Son Meng, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of UGAMM and Cecilia Nip, Director of CEM Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Office at the end of last year.

The “Residential Building Public Facilities Group” calculated the four consecutive billing months of electricity consumption from July to October 2021 with the same period in 2020. The building with the highest energy saving percentage was the winner. As a result, "Edifício Yan Fu" won the championship consecutively. The owners of the building won the championship in 2020 by replacing the public lighting with energy-efficient lighting that saved 54.4% of electricity. In 2021, the owners of the building continued to implement more energy-saving measures, further saving 80.85% of electricity consumption. These measures included halving the automatic turn-off time of staircase lightings from 8 minutes to 4 minutes and turning off the beacon lightings at 7am instead of at around 9am in the past. These measures fully demonstrate the importance of action in energy conservation and emission reduction. The building can serve as a role model for others to follow.

Registered participants of “5% Energy Saving Action” Lucky Draw who reduced their electricity consumption by 5% or more during the activity period, joined the Activity in the past, and those who have referred friends and family to join were eligible to enter in the Lucky Draw. In 2021, all participants saved a total of over 1.7 million kWh of electricity. Over the past 13 years, a total of over 318 million kWh of electricity was saved during the Activity and more than 261 million kilograms of carbon emissions were reduced, equivalent to the planting of 11.3 million trees^.

In response to the development of the pandemic and to cooperate with the anti-pandemic work of the Macau SAR Government, the Award Ceremony was cancelled for the current year. Un In Lin, Cheng Son Meng and Cecilia Nip presented the awards to owner of Edifício Yan Fu and the Grand Prize winners of “5% Energy Saving Action” Lucky Draw at CEM Building Lobby on 20 January.

As a core city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, Macau must integrate into the national master development plan to contribute to the realization of carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality. CEM fully support and cooperate with the Macau SAR Government’s policies on environmental protection, not only to provide high quality power supply in Macau in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, but also to help the Macau SAR Government to promote the electric vehicles popularization, so as to achieve the goal of zero carbon emission and pollution-free. Meanwhile, CEM will keep organizing different energy-saving and environmental protection activities to raise the public awareness of reducing carbon emissions.

Winners of Macau Energy Saving Activity 2021:

Residential Building Public Facilities Group


Winning Buildings


 Edifício Yan Fu

1st runner-up

 Star River - Windsor Arch BL 3

2nd runner-up

Edifício Man Tai 

Excellence Award

Edifício Vang Son BL 1 
 Edifício Kin Wa BL 1 and 13
Edifício Nova Taipa Garden, BL 32 – Rosa 
 Nam Van Peninsula BL 4
Hellene Garden – Lan Un 
Edifício Ko Va Kok

“5% Energy Saving Action” Lucky Draw



Grand Prize

MOP10,000 electrical appliances couponTam Chu Keong 
 Liu Ya Min
 Ho Chon Kit
Continuous Energy Saving PrizeMOP5,000 electrical appliances coupon U Chi Meng
Lo Ion Sio 
 Sou Sau Kun
Friends and Family Referral PrizeMOP5,000 electrical appliances coupon Choi Kin I
 Lei Po Neng
Excellence PrizeMOP500 electricity rebate List of 50 winners were announced on CEM Website
Consolation PrizeMOP200 electricity rebate List of 100 winners were announced on CEM Website

* Macau CO2-e emission factor of 2020 = 0.82 kg/kWh

^ CO2 removed by trees in one year estimated at 23kg / tree - Guidelines to Account for and Report on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals for Buildings (Commercial, Residential or Institutional Purposes) in Hong Kong (2010 Edition)

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