CEM teams up with MUST to glamorise the city with artistic pillar boxes

Macau, 29 December 2020

Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A. (CEM) has launched the “Electricity x Culture and Creativity” activities since 2017. Among the activities, various art groups in Macau were invited to participate in the “Electricity x Culture and Creativity - Pillar Box Revitalization with Art” to revitalize the outdoor pillar boxes and customer substations. The paintings have transformed the mundane electrical equipment into extraordinary artworks, bringing citizens and tourists a brand new visual experience. The pillar boxes have become check-in hotspots and talk-of-the-town.

The “Electricity x Culture and Creativity - Pillar Box Revitalization with Art” was back in town in November, and for the first time the activity was organized in partnership with the Faculty of Humanities and Arts of the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST). Under the supervision of the teachers, 13 students have transformed the low-voltage pillar boxes into artworks. The pillar boxes are located in the hustle and bustle streets of Macau Peninsula and Taipa for more passerby can enjoy the artworks by the students.

Students participating in the activity included (stroke order of Chinese surname): Wang Ziyao, Gan Siyuan, Li Yuning, Li Jiawei, Yao Dingye, Hu Bojun, Gao Chuqi, Zhang Hanyuwen, Chen Hongyi, Liu Wanqing, Liu Huilin, Jiang Yuxina and Rao Peiwei.

Samantha Chiang, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Arts of MUST, said that the Faculty has been committed to cultivating talents for artistic innovation and design, as well as serving the community and promoting the development of humanities and arts in the city. To promote the art of painting in the Faculty and motivate cultural and artistic enthusiasts to create outstanding artworks to contribute to society and serve the local communities through versatile approaches, the Faculty has joined hands with CEM to revitalize the pillar boxes with art. Out of the many excellent entries of paintings and illustrations, a number of artworks with iconic urban and cultural features were selected to be painted on pillar boxes. These impressions of Macau interpreted from an artistic perspective will be scattered across the city as in the distribution of electricity to showcase and convey to the public Macau's image and visual information on a hexahedron.

Cecilia Nip, Director of CEM Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Office, expressed gratitude to the Faculty of Humanities and Arts of MUST for their support to the activity, with special thanks to the teachers and students who have offered time out of their busy schedules for the project. Nip added that in order to let the students to give full play to their creativity and imagination, CEM did not stipulate the theme of the creations. The students can express their creativity freely. CEM will continue organizing various cultural and creative activities to support the Macau SAR Government’s policy of promoting the development of local cultural and creative industries.

Citizens can scan the QR code on the pillar boxes or visit CEM website for details of the activity and introductions of the artworks. CEM advises citizens not to touch or paint the pillar boxes and customer substations by themselves as these energized equipment come with certain risks. CEM has prepared safety measurements and briefed the participants about the precautious measures before the “Electricity x Culture and Creativity - Pillar Box Revitalization with Art” activity.

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