CEM organizes Electric Baking Class to make Christmas shaka shaka cookies with families

Macau, 14 December 2020

To encourage Macau citizens to use kitchen appliances and celebrate the approaching Christmas season, CEM organized two Electric Baking Classes on 12 December and invited professional baker to teach participants how to make Christmas shaka shaka cookies with kitchen appliances. A total of 18 parent-child pairs joined the activity.

The Christmas shaka shaka cookie has a cookie base and Christmas-themed edible sprinkles filled in the middle, sealed with layers of clear "glass". The cookie is fun to eat and play with. It is also easy to make, making it an ideal recipe for both children and parents to get involved. Parents who participated in the baking class considered the activity meaningful, as they could experience the fun of electric cooking and get in the kitchen with their children to cultivate their interest in baking. They could also make a little Christmas gift by themselves and enhance the festive atmosphere.

Electricity is indispensable in modern society as it has facilitated our lives in various aspects. “Flameless cooking”, which utilizes electrical energy, has become increasingly popular in recent years. Different kitchen appliances on the market have given us more cooking options. Apart from the common appliances such as induction stove, oven and microwave, emerging appliances such as air fryer and electric grill are quite popular as well. The energy efficiency of induction stove reaches as high as 90% and its cooking time is one-third faster than that of traditional LPG stoves. Using induction stove can also save 50% on fuel costs, lower the room temperature of the kitchen by 4-5°C and reduce oil fumes. Most of the kitchen appliances are equipped with safety lock, timer and automatic power-off feature for added safety.

Since 2017, CEM has been organizing Electric Cooking and Baking Classes for adults and parent-child pairs respectively, with different seasonal themes such as mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival, Thai desserts and Easter family cooking fun, etc. All classes are free of charge and well-received by the public. CEM has organized the activity twice in 2020 including two “Flavour of Portugal” sessions in July.

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