CEM Ambassadors Team and volunteers of General Volunteers Association of Macao celebrate upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival by offering complimentary haircuts to the elderly from Taipa Pou Tai Un

14 September 2021, Macau

In celebration of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, volunteers from CEM Ambassadors Team and the General Volunteers Association of Macao (GVAM) paid a visit to Taipa Pou Tai Un on 14 September to offer haircuts and low-sugar mooncakes to 60 senior citizens, delivering the message of respect and love for the elderly and adding compassion to the festive atmosphere.

Alice Fong, Director of Finance Department of CEM and Jaclyn Iun, Senior Manager of the Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Office of CEM, as well as 20 CEM Ambassadors and young GVAM volunteers went to Taipa Pou Tai Un in the morning. The representatives of Pou Tai Un gave them a guided tour around the facilities and prepared the venue. With the assistance of the staff, senior citizens came to the hall accompanied by the volunteers. GVAM volunteers cut their hair while CEM Ambassadors chit-chatted with them.

The elders were delighted with these young people’s visit, and enthusiastically shared their lives and communicated with the volunteers. During the haircut, the ambassadors realized that the elders were specific about their hairdos, and they learnt about their preferences and tastes. After the grooming, the elders all looked happy and confident. Besides the elders, the participating ambassadors were also happy to chitchat during the haircut and pass a word of greetings to them, such as advising them to keep warm when the weather turns cooler or expressing admiration for their new hairdos. They struck up a conversation after the ice was broken with the exchanges of simple words of kindness. The enthusiastic response and friendly smiles of the elderly have given the ambassadors a great sense of satisfaction, and it is this satisfaction that has given them the motivation to do volunteer work.

The most important aspect of Mid-Autumn Festival is getting together. As an integral part of the community, CEM has been closely connected with local social groups in various aspects through its employees and a wide range of community services to actively contribute to a caring community and make concerted efforts to build a harmonious society.

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