Nearly 80 young volunteers participate in CEM ‘Youth Community Service Project’

Macau, 13 July 2021

CEM partnered with the Macau Youth Federation and the Macau Youth Volunteers Association to launch the "Youth Community Service Project" aiming to raise awareness among young people about issues such as environmental protection and care for the most vulnerable in our community. Nearly 80 young volunteers from both associations were divided into four groups to participate in four activities organized by CEM throughout June and July.

Activities included a visit to ANIMA's shelter, aimed to convey the message that animals should be taken care and never be abandoned or mistreating. Volunteers also participated in a recycling program promoted by Macau for Waste Reduction, where they helped the community residents to segregate the various types of recyclable products. Later on, the volunteers accompanied 20 seniors with low mobility referred by Macau Caritas to spend a joyful afternoon together touring around Macau. Finally, they participated in an urban farming activity promoted by Mighty Greens, where the youngsters had the chance to learn how to grow their own organic food by themselves.

On 11 July, a certificate and souvenir-giving ceremony was held with the presence of participated volunteers. Sandro Kou, Vice-President of Macau Youth Federation, Jupiter Ng, Vice-Chairman of the Macau Youth Volunteers Association and Cecilia Nip, Director of CEM Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications attended the Ceremony. During the Ceremony several volunteers shared their experiences and what they have learnt during the activities with the audience.

Cecilia Nip took the opportunity to thank Macau Youth Federation and Macau Youth Volunteers Association for partnering with CEM in this meaningful project, as well as praise the meritorious work of the volunteers for their contribution for the well-being of Macau society. Cecilia also said “CEM takes its social responsibility very seriously and organizes many activities in order to give back and contribute to the community. We hope that all volunteers involved will apply what they have learnt from the activities to protect the environment and take care for the most vulnerable ones around us.” 

Sandro Kou referred that “This event let our young members to learn in-depth how to protect the environment, raise relevant awareness, and care for the disadvantaged groups in the community, and extend their love to different corners of Macau.”

Jupiter Ng said that “The format of this event is innovative and unique, allowing young people to have different experiences and the two events our association co-organized were very meaningful, and I saw a lot of young volunteers have gained a lot from these two activities.”

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