Certificate Presentation Ceremony for the Technical Skills Assessment for Electrical Technicians

Macau, 11 May 2021

In March, Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A. (CEM) successfully conducted the first Technical Skills Assessment for local electrical technicians. The objectives of the Assessment are to enhance the skills and competencies of electrical technicians in Macau, promote skill standardization and encourage more people to enter the electricity industry, so as to ensure sufficient talent supply for the sector. The certificate presentation ceremony was held today at the CEM Building. 55 out of 72 candidates successfully passed the assessment.

The skills assessment evaluation was conducted in CEM’s 8,000 square-foot training centre, an indoor workshop adjacent to the decommissioned Macau Power Station, where participating technicians took up basic training and evaluation consisting of two elements – knowledge and skill, which tested their level of understanding in both theoretical concepts and mastery of practical skills. The required skill set and competency standards of the programme were based on the competency specifications of CEM’s own electrical technicians, covering conventional modules related to the basic knowledge of electricity, power safety and low-voltage equipment installation, more modernized modules related to renewable energy application, power system automation, asset management and underground facility management, and so forth. The technicians that successfully passed the evaluation are recognized as accomplishing a qualified ability level in related electrical fields.

In his speech, Bernie Leong, Chairman of CEM Executive Committee, expressed his gratitude to the guest’s present and the CEM management for giving support and cooperation in facilitating this programme, and congratulated the significant efforts of the participating technicians in their achievements. Rooted in Macau for nearly 50 years, CEM has extensive knowledge and experience as a member of the electrical engineering industry in Macau. He acknowledged that CEM has always attached great importance to the professional training for its employee, thus CEM hopes to facilitate the establishment of an assessment system and standards for electrical technicians, so as to enhance their recognition in the industry, determine the skill positioning for the younger generation, promote cultivation of talents, and enable the sustainable development and inheritance of relevant skills.

With the expanding development of large-scale infrastructure projects, hotels and casinos, CEM aims to continue to provide good support for talent cultivation, skill upgrading and standardization for technicians in the electricity industry in Macau to assist the rising demand for high-quality local electrical technicians.

Mr. Hoi Ka Wo, one of the participating technicians said that the programme helped him gain an understanding about the entire electricity transmission process. The assessment not only enriched his knowledge, but also the correct operation skills for his daily work. He is delighted to have passed the assessment which makes him more confident at work.

Through completing the Technical Skills Assessment, CEM hopes that the electrical technicians were able to identify and recognize their strengths and shortcomings in order to further educate themselves to enhance their professional skill set and ensure they are competent to comply with the safety standards that come with working as an electrical technician. In addition to this, CEM will consolidate and analyze the data obtained from the first assessment to continually optimize the training course system and standards.

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