CEM holds the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Excellence Awards Presentation Ceremony cum Public Works Safety Seminar to push forward environmental protection and occupational health and safety culture

23 November 2011, Macao

Companhia de Electricidade de Macau—CEM, S.A. (CEM) held a “Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Excellence Awards to CEM Contractors & Suppliers” and “Public Works Safety Seminar” today at Macao Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre. CEM established the related awards in 2008, the first company in Macao to have introduced such awards, with the purpose of strengthening cooperation with business partners to jointly offer Macao citizens safety and high quality of life.

Guests attending the ceremony included Vai Hoi Ieong, Deputy Director of Environmental Protection Bureau, Mak Kim Meng, member of the Administrative Council of the Civic and Municipal Affairs Institute, Ting Lai Kuan, Division head of Labour Affairs Bureau, Chong Chi Keong, Acting Head of Division of the Transport Bureau, Johnson Cheong, Consultant Senior Technician of the Office for the Development of the Energy Sector, Kou Chi Leong, President of Macao Occupational Health and Safety Association, Vong Kok Seng, President of CEM Customer Liaison Committee, and Joao Travassos da Costa, Executive Director of CEM.

Joao Travassos addressed that CEM has always been strongly committed to promoting environmental-friendly culture, safety awareness and outstanding services. In order to support the global trend a low-carbon economy in Macao, CEM has spared no effort in pushing forward environmental protection and has become the first public service agency in Macao to have obtained the ISO 14064:2006 Greenhouse Gases Management System Certification.

For many years, CEM has carried out various activities and initiatives to push forward an occupational health and safety culture, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of zero work accident. The year 2010 was the best year in a decade in terms of safety performance, in which CEM recorded a significant decline in Injury Frequency Rate and Injury Severity Rate. Occupational health and safety management is an on-going process, CEM will continue to launch activities and measure to raise staff the awareness and performance, as it is important not only to each and every one of CEM staff and their families, but to the entire society as well. At last, Joao Travassos gave his congratulations to the award-winning companies and staff, expecting them to continue to make contributions for Macao’s occupational health and safety culture. Joao Travassos also expressed heartfelt gratitude to the judges for their full support for the competition.

Enterprises attending the contest submitted proposals to CEM. The professional judge panel comprised of representatives from the Labour Affairs Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, University of Macau, Macau Occupational Safety and Health Association, as well a representative from CEM assessed the nine proposals received by the committee. The winning enterprises were:

2010/2011 CEM Health and Safety Excellence Certificate of Merit: Tyco Fire, Security and Services (Macau) Limited Kwan On Enterprise Company Limited ABB Turbo Systems (Hong Kong) Limited Vodatel Holdings Limited Ng Chao Elevator Co., Ltd.

2010/2011 CEM Environmental Excellence Certificate of Merit: Kwan On Enterprise Company Limited ABB Turbo Systems (Hong Kong) Limited Companhia de Navegacao Femy Limitada (Macau)

2010/2011 CEM Quality Excellence Award: Zhuhai Electric Power Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

2010/2011 CEM Quality Excellence Certificate of Merit: Talent Engenharia (Macau) Limitada Total Lubricants Hong Kong Ltd. Florista Fai Kei Un

CEM regularly holds training courses on occupational safety and health for its staff, and has established three awards of health and safety, environmental protection and quality in a bid to improve the top management and front-line employees’ awareness on environmental protection and occupational safety and health and thus reduce the incidence of occupational accidents. After the jury’s judgment, the award-winning employees included:

2010/2011 Environmental Excellence Award: Lam Kai San / Generation Department

2010/2011 Quality Excellence Award: Network Operations and Maintenance Department / Engineering Support Power Networks Dispatch Department / System Dispatch Engineering

In addition, CEM arranged the “Public Works Safety Seminar” after the ceremony was concluded in order to give an in-depth introduction of road works safety to the participants. Keynote speakers Chong Chi Keong, Acting-head of the Transport Bureau, and Lao Hei Kuan, Engineer of the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau separately gave introductions on the traffic control and safety facilities during road works, as well as “deficiencies” and “blind spots” of road work safety of trench projects. The seminar was aimed at improving industry participants’ knowledge and awareness of road works safety so as to reduce accidents. CEM contractors proactively sent representatives to attend the well-received seminar.

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