CEM repairs household electrical installations for elderly living in social housing units

Macau, 13 January 2020


This is the third year in which CEM worked with the Housing Bureau to enhance electrical safety in households. Free inspection and maintenance of electrical installations for 20 seniors living in social housing were provided.


All seniors were referred by the Housing Bureau, and electricians were arranged by CEM and the Housing Bureau to visit their homes for inspection and maintenance. To extend greetings and blessings to the seniors, Jaclyn Iun, Senior Manager of CEM Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Office and representatives of the Housing Bureau presented them with gift packs during the visit. One of the seniors, Mrs. Ho, aged over 80, expressed gratitude to the volunteer team of CEM and the Housing Bureau for their help in checking and repairing her household electrical installations. She had been worried about some of the worn and damaged electrical installations at home, but she is too old to deal with the problems. Now, the fact that the installations have been inspected and repaired by professionals gives her peace of mind, allowing her to happily enjoy the Chinese New Year.


Jaclyn Iun said CEM understands that household electrical installations often have problems due to disrepair, which not only affects daily electricity consumption but also increases risks in regular households. Therefore, it is hoped that through the Community Program, residents of concern can obtain assistance in inspection and repair of electrical installations while electrical safety knowledge can be promoted. With Chinese New Year approaching, she wishes all seniors good health and a peaceful mind in the Year of the Rat.


CEM launched its Community Program in 2000, becoming one of the first organizations in Macau to launch such services. Through the Program, CEM’s volunteer electricians provide free safety inspection and maintenance of household electrical installations for seniors who live in solitude, under-privileged families as well as people with special needs. Besides accepting referred cases from local associations, CEM also welcomes citizens to refer disadvantaged individuals in need (those to receive assistance shall hold valid Beneficiary Cards issued by the Social Welfare Bureau). For details and registration, please visit or call 8393 1206.

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