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CEM Customer Liaison Committee members express concerns over potential risks of electrical installations in buildings and pay visits to DSSOPT and GDSE

A delegation led by CEM Customer Liaison Committee (CLC) President Vong Kok Seng recently paid visits to the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) and the Office for the Development of Energy Sector of Macau SAR (GDSE) respectively to exchange views with DSSOPT Director Li Canfeng, GDSE Coordinator Hoi Chi Leong and technical representatives over the potential risks of electrical installations in buildings. The delegation consisted of CEM Customer Liaison Committee Vice-President Iun Iok Meng and its members Raymond Wong, Cheang Io Tung, William Yong, Andy Tam, Leong Meng Ian, Sam Keng Wan and Secretary Emily Cheong, as well as CEM Customer Services Department Director Jane Leong, Transmission and Distribution Department Director Billy Chan and Transmission and Distribution Department Customer Substation & Electricity Connection Senior Engineer Richard Lei.

Vong Kok Seng stated that CLC attaches great importance to the power outage at Edifício Kam Hoi San Block 14, originating from lack of maintenance of the communal electrical installations, causing short circuit, fire and severe damage of power facilities. There are more than 4,000 buildings of over 20 to 30 years old in Macau currently, and the communal electrical installations in many buildings have safety risks due to lack of regular inspection and maintenance. As there are no regulations or laws in Macau that require property owners to overhaul the communal electrical installations in buildings on a regular basis, most property owners have neglected the seriousness of the issue and turned a blind eye to the notices issued by CEM. Vong Kok Seng suggested that relevant government departments should regulate the issue and require property owners to overhaul communal electrical installations in buildings on a regular basis to ensure power safety.

Canfeng Li said that the existing laws require property owners to perform regular maintenance, repair, and renovation for buildings to ensure the buildings are in good conditions, including the communal power facilities in buildings. DSSOPT is drafting a bill on the safe use of electrical equipment, and will consult the public after completion.

Hoi Chi Leong stated that apart from encouraging CEM to strengthen the publicity on the regular maintenance of communal electrical installations in buildings, GDSE will also communicate with other government departments to try and inform the property owners who need to repair communal electrical installations by way of advice or notice, so as to enhance the owners’ awareness of and solicit their support in the issue.

Representatives of the Customer Liaison Committee and CEM actively voiced out their views at the meeting, and provided suggestions on the certification of electrical contractors and the issuance of safety certificates to buildings which communal electrical installations have passed the safety inspection. All parties concerned pledged that they will strengthen cooperation and communication in the future and work together to arouse public awareness of safe use of electricity.

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