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CEM holds seminars in collaboration with local associations to promote energy saving and safety awareness

CEM held the “Macau Energy Saving Activity” in collaboration with the Office for the Development of the Energy Sector (GDSE) since 2009, encouraging citizens and different industries in Macau to save energy and establishing Macau SAR Government’s vision of “Building a Low Carbon Macau, Creating Green Living Together”. “Macau Energy Saving Activity” got support from General Residents Association of Macau (UGAMM), Property Management Business Association of Macau and Macau Hoteliers and Innkeepers Association as co-organizers for many years. Over the past ten years, all participating entities saved a total of 194 million kWh of electricity.

The “Energy Saving and Safety Seminars” held earlier by CEM in collaboration with the General Residents Association of Macau; Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM); and the Macau Institution of People's Alliance (API), introduced CEM’s customer services to citizens, advocated the knowledge of energy-saving and using electrical appliances safely, and explained the importance of maintenance and management of communal electrical installations in buildings. CEM will hold the seminar again with the Women’s General Association of Macau (AGMM) in August.

The attending representatives were Echo Lio, Senior Technical Consultant of GDSE; Chio Pou Wan, Vice President of FAOM; Ao Ieong Kuong Kao, Vice President of API; and Cheong Un Si, Deputy Director of the Social Service Office of UGAMM. Representing CEM, Jane Leong, Director of CEM Customer Services Department, Charles Leong, Technical Services Management Senior Manager of CEM Customer Services Department, Uman Cheang, Customer Contact Management Senior Manager of CEM Customer Services Department, and Jaclyn Iun, Senior Manager of CEM Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Office attended the Seminars.                                                                                                  

The seminars were delivered by Customer Contact Management Officers of CEM Customer Services Department Joyce Lao, Cilia Cheng and Ryan Chan, together with Senior Engineer and Engineer of Technical Services Management of CEM Customer Services Department Freddie Tang and Colin Ng. The topics comprised CEM customer services, the responsibilities as well as importance of regular inspection and maintenance of communal electrical installations in buildings, and household energy safety and saving tips.

Since CEM launched its official WeChat account last year, the number of followers has been on the rise. Through easy steps to follow and bind with the official WeChat account, citizens can enjoy a full range of online services such as receiving notification of electricity bills and checking status of applications. A Chatbot was also introduced earlier in CEM WeChat account, providing customers with round-the-clock real-time automatic services, such as checking electricity bills of the month and guidelines to application for power supply. The Chatbot will become more intelligent as it interacts more with customers and could provide them with more automatic services in the future. In addition, customers can simply input their phone numbers, WeChat accounts, names of buildings and units, to receive SMS and WeChat messages regarding power supply and updated information of the buildings.

In summer, both commercial and residential power consumption rise with the temperature. CEM representatives taught the attendees at the seminars how to select energy-saving electric appliances, introduced measures to save energy while being comfortable, and talked about how to use household appliances safely.

Besides energy safety at home, CEM encouraged property owners to maintain and repair the communal electrical installations of the buildings regularly through different communication channels. Recently, due to lack of maintenance on communal electrical installations, Edifício Kam Hoi San Block 14 resulted in short circuit faults. The electrical equipment was severely damaged and caused a power outage. CEM representatives emphasized on the responsibilities of communal electrical installations in buildings, listed out the conditions and potential risks of lack of maintenance, called on property owners to face the problem and hire experienced electrical contractors to carry out regular inspection and maintenance on the building's communal electrical installations to ensure their safe use of electricity.

At the end of the seminars, CEM representatives assisted participants to register in the 5% Energy Saving Action Lucky Draw. The activity aims to encourage the public to put the concept of energy saving into practice and develop a good habit of power consumption. Residential customers who save 5% or more electricity during the four consecutive months from July to October 2019, compared to the same period in 2018, can participate in the lucky draw after registration. This year, a new “Friends and Family Referral” award is added to encourage citizens who have registered in the 5% Energy Saving Action Lucky Draw to invite their friends and family members to participate in the activity. Those who successfully invited two or more friends and family members, as well as the invitees, will be eligible to join the lucky draw. A total of MOP 100,000 worth of prizes will be up for grabs. The lucky draw is opened for enrollment from now till 30 September. Detailed information is available on GDSE Website or CEM Website For enquiries, please call 8393 1205.

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