“CEM Brightening Stars” Internship Program wraps up, promoting inclusive Society in Macau

Macau, 5 December, 2018

CEM has been organizing the “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program in collaboration with Macau Special Olympics (MSO) since 2010, aiming to help more intellectually disabled enter the employment market to give back to the community. A Closing Ceremony was held on 5 December at Harbourview Hotel. Six trainees completed the Training Program and obtained certificates from CEM in the Ceremony.

Guests attending the Ceremony included Sun Zhijun Deputy Director of the Social Work Department of Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Macau SAR, Jackie So, Head of Division for Rehabilitation Services of Social Welfare Bureau, Lei Chi Fong, Vice President of CEM Customer Liaison Committee, Lau Veng Lin, Raymond Wong and Andy Tam, members of CEM Customer Liaison Committee, as well as members of the Commission for Rehabilitation Affairs, Hetzer Siu, National Director of MSO, and Iun Iok Meng, Advisor to CEM Executive Committee.

This year, the twelve-week “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program started in September. A total of six trainees worked in different departments of CEM, including the Information Systems Department, Procurement and Logistics Department, Power and Networks Dispatch Department, Transmission and Distribution Department, Human Resources and Sustainability Department, and Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Office. Over a period of nine years, sixty trainees have completed the program. The program aims to help trainees develop their potential ability, enhance their occupational skills and ability to work independently, build a positive work attitude and self-confidence, and strengthen social skills, in a bid to lay a solid foundation for their career development in the future.

Iun Iok Meng said in his speech that the twelve-week internship program has come to an end in the blink of an eye. Under the guidance of colleagues at CEM, the six trainees who were jittery at the beginning have become able to work independently following instructions. Their growth and progress indicate that people with intellectual disabilities can do a good job if they are given the opportunity and support. As long as we are more considerate and encouraging, and take time to teach them, they can also perform well. Iun hopes more companies in Macau will provide internship training and employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities, in a bid to help them develop their potential, integrate into the society and build an inclusive and harmonious society.

Hetzer Siu expressed gratitude to CEM for its efforts in fulfilling corporate social responsibility. He said CEM has long been concerned about the employment needs of the intellectually disabled and provided internship opportunities for them in the real workplace, in a bid to help them find jobs and build a barrier-free community. So far, sixty trainees have graduated and over half of them have been employed, indicating the internship program has been effective in promoting the employment of the intellectually disabled. Hetzer Siu said CEM’s supervisors and coordinators that participated in the program have been playing the role of employment instructors. Such individuals are particularly important to the intellectually disabled in their adaption to the jobs, such as instructing them to learn working skills, understand work procedures and build work habits, as well as offering emotional support. He called for the government, commercial enterprises and SMEs to support employment of the intellectually disabled and in the meantime arrange manpower for employment instructors, in a bid to help the intellectually disabled to smoothly integrate into the work environment and encourage them to maintain stable employment, thereby becoming a new force in Macau’s labor market.

At the closing ceremony, Leong Veng San, a trainee who worked in the Procurement and Logistics Department, shared her experience in the program. She said she’s grateful to CEM and MSO for providing the internship opportunity. She was responsible for paper work during the internship. When she encountered difficulties, her supervisor was very willing to offer help. She recalled that one day she forgot the work procedures as she did not feel well. Her supervisor did not blame her and taught her the procedures again patiently. In addition, six trainees received trainings on computer document format at MSO training centre every Saturday. She believed learning more skills could improve her employment competitiveness and make it easier for her to integrate into the society and work in the future.

After being awarded with certificates by CEM, the six trainees presented souvenirs to their mentors at CEM to thank them for their guidance and care. Lastly, Hoi On Kei sang the song “For You” on behalf of the trainees to thank all guests for attending the closing ceremony.

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