CEM unveils winners of “Induction Cooker Lucky Draw” at Macau Food Festival

Macau, 30 November 2018

To encourage citizens to use induction cooker and promote healthy eating, CEM held the “Induction Cooker Lucky Draw” at Macau Food Festival again this year to promote electric cooking.

The lucky draw was held at the Macau Food Festival earlier. Ten lucky winners were drawn out by Lei U Weng and Elizabeth Chung, Director and Vice Director of the United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macao; Jaclyn Iun, Senior Manager of CEM Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Office.

Traditional cooking stoves send heat generated by gas combustion to the pot by air, with up to 60% heat loss during the process. Induction cooker heats up the pot containing ferromagnetic materials by electric energy, improving the heat transfer efficiency to 90%. Compared to traditional stoves, induction cooker can reduce the cooking time by a third and energy consumption by 30-50%. Moreover, because the heat does not radiate to the surroundings, the kitchen temperature can be lowered by 4-5°C, making it very suitable for open kitchens. Induction cooker can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. In addition, cooking without fire is safer as it can reduce the risk of burns, scalds and fire.

CEM has been organizing different activities to encourage citizens to use clean energy, such as promoting induction cooking. This year, it has continued to hold electric cooking classes, launching a series of free courses during festivals, such as “Easter Family Cooking Fun”, “Thailicious Summer” and “Make Your Own Pastry Mooncakes”, which have received enthusiastic response. With Christmas approaching, CEM will organize “Family Baking Fun for Christmas” on 15 December. Parents and children can experience the pleasure brought by electric cooking and children can learn to use clean energy safely.

The ten lucky winners are: Chong Chon Hoi, Chan Lai Si, Wu Iok Pek, Ao Ieong Man Ian, Cheong Hei Ioi, Fong Wai Fan, Ao Ieong Man Chi, Ao Ieong Io, Maria F. José and Isabel M. do Rosário. Winners have been notified individually by CEM and each of them will receive one induction cooker.

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