CEM participates in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau Power Industry Services Seminar to probe into application of green and smart power

Macau, 16 November 2018

In order to strengthen the cooperation of power enterprises and promote the development of power industry, the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Power Industry Services Seminar is held in turns by Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM), Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. (GPG), and CLP Holdings Limited (CLP) every year. In its 23rd edition, the Seminar was hosted by GPG this year in Shaoguan City, Guangdong province on 16 November, and themed on “Green and Smart Innovation ∙ Integrated Development”. 15 CEM delegates led by Principal Advisor to Executive Committee Benjamin Yue and Director of Customer Services Department Jane Leong attended the Seminar.

More than one hundred insiders and representatives from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau attended the Seminar and carried out in-depth discussion about the application of green and smart power as well as the development of the three places. The Seminar was held at Shaoguan City, which is the intersection of central plain culture and Cantonese culture and also an important green city of China. The city’s forest coverage rate reaches over 70%, ranking first among cities in Guangdong Province. Shaoguan City also makes full use of its advantages and is dedicated to building green and smart power. Shaoguan City combines innovation and intelligence together with city development, building it into the “first city of green ecology in Guangdong”. It continues to drive city development and achieve sustainable development.

Benjamin Yue, said that the power industry is of great significance to a city’s economic development, and the industry must ponder whether the operations are in line with the principles of environmental protection and smart management. To persistently improve the stability and reliability of the power distribution network and fully coordinate with efforts to achieve distribution power grid automation and smart grid, CEM has kicked off the construction of a medium-voltage distribution optical network. In addition, with the popularity of social media and increasingly advanced personal mobile devices, customers hope to be connected and receive real-time feedback. CEM has carried out digital upgrades in an attempt to bring better customer experiences, including providing more comprehensive e-Services, mobile Apps, WeChat and chatbots. Meanwhile, CEM has been actively promoting the use of green energy in recent years. In addition to strengthening community publicity, the company has also expanded electric vehicle charging network constantly and organized activities including the “Educational Drama Tour”, in a bid to promote the proper use of electricity and green energy for environmental protection among the younger generation.

At the seminar, Thomas Sam, Engineer of CEM System Dispatch Engineering, Power and Networks Dispatch Department, shared “Application and development based on fiber optical communication network”. Continuous development of smart grid business leads to ever-increasing demand for and use of power distribution optical network communication. In the future, smart grid in Macau will apply to electric vehicle charging management system, intelligent lamp post management and utility tunnel management, in a bid to promote automation of electric distribution networks. Joyce Lao, Assistant Manager of CEM Customer Contact Management, Customer Services Department, introduced the “Digital customer services”. To tie in with customers’ habit of using the Internet and social media platforms for communication and meet their demand for obtaining immediate response, CEM has comprehensively improved its customer services to achieve digital omni-channel experience, including online services improvement and the launch of official WeChat platform.

Other papers in the seminar included: GPG: “Building and application of automatic measurement system of independent operation and maintenance based on full coverage of low-voltage collection” and “Optimization of business environment with AI to help with power service upgrade”; Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau: “Orderly charging service for electric vehicles based on Internet of things”; Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau: “Marketing service innovation in mobile Internet era”; CLP: “New customer service center providing a refreshing retail experience” and “Development of CLP’s intelligent management of grid equipment”. CEM delegation greatly benefited from the seminar and the visit as well, gaining in-depth understanding of the application of new technologies and research and development results.

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