CEM provides free electrical installation rewiring to more than 150 under-privileged families with the cooperation of IAS and major local associations

Macao, 20 October 2011

CEM has been playing an active role in terms of social responsibility. Every year, with the voluntary collaboration of its Ambassadors, the Company contributes and participates in multiple community services, pays visits to community centers, plants trees, employs citizens with intellectual disabilities, organizes educative events for the youth, and many others.

Starting from 2000, CEM pioneered to launch the Community Programme, aiming at providing safety checks and free repairing of household electrical installations for seniors and citizens with special needs under government social welfare. Cases were selected with the collaboration of the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS). This collaboration had last for a decade, helping more than 100 citizens. Services are provided free of charge by voluntary electricians and engineers, from our operational departments.

In the last three years, the scope of the Programme was extended to include under-privileged families. To assist in selecting the families in most need, four major associations of Macao have been collaborating with CEM, namely the Caritas Macau, the General Women Association, the Macao Federation of Trade Unions, and the General Resident’s Association. More than 50 families received the assistance of our professionals.

On 20 October, Iun Iok Meng, Advisor of CEM Executive Committee, and Cecilia Nip, CEM Communications and Public Affairs Senior Manager, visited one of the selected cases. Iun highlighted the importance of conducting such programme, as to contribute to minimize the economic difficulties of these families, help them to live in a safer environment, and ultimately enhance general consciousness about social responsibility.

Mr. Ng, the beneficiary of this electrical installation upgrade, he has a family of five-person living together at Iao Hon Area. Since his three children are studying, Mr. Ng is currently relying on government social assistance to live. Due to the old wiring of their electrical installation, safety is a concern, and Mr. Ng worry for his kids Mr. Ng requested Caritas Social Workers for help and Caritas referred the case to CEM for follow-up. Mr. Ng said “CEM’s workers are really awesome. They all work so hard, even under difficult working conditions. Really appreciated their enthusiasm and dedication. Thank you CEM!” At the end of the upgrade Mr. Ng received a trendy rice-cooker from the hands of both CEM Management representatives, Mr. Iun and Ms. Cecilia.

CEM Engineer Cano Ieong, one of the Programme’s Technical Supervisor pointed out “Our Company really cares for the people and it is doing a great job in terms of social responsibility. There are many people out there who need our hand! Despite the rising of the Macao economy, we all need to care for the less privileged of our society!”

With such a success of helping more than 150 underprivileged citizens throughout the last decade, CEM will continue with the Programme in the hope to assist more citizens in need and this way contribute to improve their safety conditions and well-being.

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