158 technicians were awarded CEM Registered Grade-A Electrician Certification Card. Program might be extended to the industry in the future

Macau, 3 April 2019

In 2018, an internal program, “CEM Grade-A Electrician Registration and Certification”, has been implemented by CEM to systematically manage one of the core competencies “Low Voltage Electric Works” of CEM electricians and ensure the quality and safety of low-voltage works. After the first round of professional training and assessment, a total of 158 electricians that are currently employed by CEM, has successfully obtained the CEM Registered Grade-A Electrician professional qualification. At the award ceremony in early April, they were officially awarded the Certification Card, making them the first-ever CEM Registered Grade-A Electricians.

In his speech, Bernie Leong, Chairman of CEM Executive Committee, said that the program has helped CEM technicians in taking a big step forward in their own professional skills development. It has also introduced the first group of CEM Registered Grade-A Electricians in the history of CEM’s development, which is encouraging. At the same time, he expressed gratitude to all participants and trainers for their efforts and contributions, so that the program could be implemented smoothly. Bernie Leong then congratulated and presented the Certification Card to each electrician.

The skills requirements of the “CEM Grade-A Electrician Registration and Certification” program are set by the CEM Grade-A Electrician Competence Technical Committee, which is formed by CEM electrical professionals in various technical fields. A set of course materials and Code of Practice, with 27 chapters in more than 400 pages, has been prepared in reference with the standards of nearby regions, ensuring that local certification meets the relevant skills requirements. Since November last year, the Committee has appointed a number of CEM engineers as trainers to provide supplemental training and assessment for CEM electricians to become CEM Registered Grade-A Electricians.

According to the implementation and development plan of the program, all new CEM electricians in the future will need to obtain the CEM Registered Grade-A Electrician professional qualification. CEM will also consider working with industry groups to provide training, registration and certification, in terms of electrical expertise. CEM hopes to contribute to the industry by enhancing the skills level of local electricians and ensuring the quality and safety of low-voltage works through this program.

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