CEM “Educational Drama Tour” promotes energy conservation and environmental protection to 2,000 primary school students

Macau, 11 March 2019

To support local education and provide students with diversified learning experiences on popular science, CEM “Educational Drama Tour” was first launched in 2017, and continued in 2018 due to enthusiastic response. The number of our viewers has reached 5,100. This year CEM will continue to hold the tour between March and May, and visit 21 local primary schools to provide amazing performances to over 2,700 P3 and P4 students. CEM hopes to promote appropriate electricity consumption attitude and environmental protection knowledge to students through interactive and entertaining stage performances.

The tour kicked off at Keang Peng School (Primary Section) on 11th March, attracting more than 200 primary students. The performance tells a story of a man from the Special Forces who traveled to the past via a time machine in an attempt to change history after human beings in the future world over-exploited the Earth’s resources, causing great damage to the ecological environment. This leading character unexpectedly imparted knowledge about energy conservation and environmental protection to his younger self, delivering the message that the key to alter the future of our planet lies in our own hands. The tour is comprised of stage performances and interactive sessions, during which students are invited to participate on the stage together. It is hoped that students could absorb knowledge more easily through a joyful learning environment.

CEM “Educational Drama Tour” is produced and performed by Bubble Theatre. During the tour, students who watch the performance will receive an interactive gaming and learning handbook jointly designed by CEM and local cartoonist Hellen Wong. The handbook is attached with a CEM Power Boy drawing contest entry form. CEM will select and announce ten outstanding submissions in late July and award each winner a MOP 300 toy and stationery coupon.

"Educational Drama Tour" has been widely welcomed by schools since its launch. CEM hopes to continue to hold more campus outreach activities in the future to promote students’ good electricity usage habits starting from an early age. Schools participating in the tour include Keang Peng School (Primary Section), Escola Oficial Zheng Guanying, Pui Ching Middle School, Sacred Heart Canossian College (English Section), Pooi To Middle School Taipa Primary School, Kao Yip Middle School, Sheng Kung Hui Choi Kou School Macau, Escola São José de Ká Hó, Saint Mary Mazzarello School, Saint Paul School, Escola de Santa Madalena, Escola Chong Tak de Macau, Escola Xin Hua, Escola dos Moradores do Bairro do Patane, Guang Da Middle School (Branch), Escola Primária Luso-Chinesa do Bairro Norte, Fu Luen School, Colégio de Santa Rosa de Lima (Chinese Section), Escola Choi Nong Chi Tai, Colégio Diocesano de São José, Cinta Escola and Chan Sui Ki Perpetual Help College.

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