CEM’s “Macau Outstanding Senior Citizen Award” recognizes senior citizens for their achievements at old ages

12 December 2017, Macau

CEM has organized the “Macau Outstanding Senior Citizen Award” starting from 2012, with the aim of recognizing senior citizens for their hearty services to the public, and encouraging senior citizens to share their life experiences and knowledge with others, set examples for the young people, face life with positive attitudes and shoulder responsibilities. The event is co-organized by the Macau Federation of Trade Unions, General Residents Association of Macau, Women’s General Association of Macau, Caritas Macau, Macau Special Olympics and Fu Hong Society of Macau. The Award Presentation Ceremony of the 6th Macau Outstanding Senior Citizen Award was held at Mandarin Oriental Macau on December 12 evening and ten winners were awarded.

By holding Macau Outstanding Senior Citizen Award, CEM aims to recognize senior citizens’ contribution to society in the past, encourage senior citizens to pursue life-long learning, actively take part in voluntary services, keep contributing after retirement and pass on their life experiences to the next generation; as well as promote the spirit of ‘old and capable’. The ten winners of “Outstanding Senior Citizens” and the nomination units are: Vong Chi Meng (Evergreen Activity Centre of Macau Federation of Trade Unions), Ao Mei Fong (Macau Special Olympics), Im Pou Chan (Elderly Centre of General Residents Association of Macau), Kuan Kun Cheong (Seniors Academy of Macau Polytechnic Institute), Chan U Lin (Fu Hong Society of Macau), Ieong Sou Chan (Wa Ha Art and Culture Association of Macau), Choi Kun Lin (Lok Yeong Elderly Centre of General Residents Association of Macau), Iong Kok Wa (Macau Trade Union of Garment Workers), Lao Mei Iong (Brilho da Vida of Caritas Macau) and Wong Chi Seng (Dream Sail Association).

Shi Yulin, CEM Executive Director, congratulated the winning elders and expressed gratitude to the co-organizers for their support. Shi said the winners have accomplished major personal achievements, made great contributions to families and communities, and exemplified the spirit of ’old and capable’. With their good attitude and positivity they have been the role models for the young people. He hoped the recognition from Macau Outstanding Senior Citizen Award will help keep up their passion and energy, and encourage them to continue to excel in their talented areas.

At the award presentation ceremony, each winner received a trophy and MOP 5,000 in cash rewards from the officiating guests. The outstanding senior citizens were invited to demonstrate their talents, including Chinese painting, Cantonese opera, Putonghua singing, English singing and Chinese dancing. Senior citizen Wong Chi Seng demonstrated satellite signals receiving and amateur radio direction finding on the scene and invited guests to experience the finding activity. The Award Ceremony, which was wrapped up with the wonderful performances of the elders.

Honorable guests attending the Ceremony included Pei Zhao Feng, Deputy Director of Social Affairs Department of China Liaison Office; Cheang U Keong, Division Acting Chief of Elderly Service of Social Welfare Bureau; Mak Soi Kun, Si Ka Lon, Zheng Anting, Lei Cheng I, and Leong Sun Iok, members of Legislative Assembly; Vong Kok Seng and Lei Chi Fong, President and Vice President of CEM Customer Liaison Committee; Lei Pui Lam, Vice President of the Chinese Educators Association of Macau; Lam Wan Mei, Director of Seniors Academy of Macau Polytechnic Institute; Sin Chi Yeung, Vice President of Macau Elder Sports Association; Lam Wai Fong, Director of Macau Federation of Trade Unions; Lam Man Chi, Social Service Deputy Director of General Residents Association of Macau; Paul Pun, Secretary-General of Caritas Macau; Hetzer Siu, National Director of Macau Special Olympics; Jennifer Chau, Secretary-General of Fuhong Society of Macau; Shi Yulin, Executive Director of CEM and Iun Iok Meng, Advisor to CEM Executive Committee. Among the guests Lei Pui Lam, Lam Wan Mei, Sin Chi Yeung and Iun Iok Meng are the members of the judging panel of the Award.

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