CEM joins hands with cultural and creative talents to transform pillar boxes into street art

Macau, 30 November 2017

CEM held the “Electricity x Culture and Creativity - Pillar Box Revitalization with Art” event by inviting 20 local artists and illustrators from Macau Artist Society and Macao Illustrators Association in late November to revitalize the low-voltage pillar boxes with a brand-new look with a view in enhancing the city's artistic and cultural feel. CEM held the activity in the hope of providing Macau artists with more public platforms for their creativity showcase to push forward the development of local cultural and creative industries, and turn the mundane pillar boxes into community artworks to let citizens and tourists feel the unique cultural and creative ambience in Macau.

As the pillar boxes are energized, CEM has made lots of safety measurements for this event and briefed the artists and illustrators about the precautious measures beforehand. Thus, CEM strongly advises citizens not to touch or paint the pillar boxes by themselves and hope all citizens will cherish the art pieces with appreciation and preservation.

Participated artists and illustrators included (in no particular order): Christina Kong, Peony Wing, Siomeng Chan, Tramy Lui, Yolanda Kog, Ken Ho, Mini Wong, Hue Peng, JUNE, Elsa, Cindy Lio, Ho Si Man, Lai Sio Kit, Sylviye Lei, Tang Kuok Hou, Lio Hak Man, Lam Tek Io, Lam Ka Hou, Lo Si In and Kelvin Mac.

Cindy Lio, member of Macau Artist Society said that many residents are concerned about art workers and public art, showing their support and encouragement for art. She believed that public art is born to facilitate communication between people, deliver art workers’ messages to the public, and inject vitality to the city. Mini Wong, the illustrator from Macao Illustrators Association expressed her privilege to participate in the event and said that, a lot of tourists and citizens were attracted to her creation process, and that was how art could be created in streets and alleys in Macau. She believed that this was a successful public art collaboration.

For the purpose of this event, CEM selected 20 pillar boxes located in major tourist attractions and residential areas, including Horta e Costa District, Red Market, Tap Seac Square, and Taipa Old Village. 20 artists and illustrators creating the artworks on site had captured lots of attention from the pedestrians. For identification purpose, the invited artists and illustrators wearing CEM working badge and jacket work from 10am to 7pm.

Thanks to the limitless creativity of the artists and illustrators, the grey pillar boxes has become colorful artworks, injecting special vigor to the communities. Citizens can track these pillar boxes on streets and capture these artworks created by CEM, artists and illustrators for the community. Citizens can also scan the QR codes tagged on the pillar boxes, or directly visit CEM website to learn about details of the event and introduction of the artworks.

CEM has been dedicated to connecting local social groups, through organizing diversified activities from multiple levels to serve local community. In the coming year, CEM will continue to hold a variety of activities under the brand of “Electricity x Culture and Creativity” to explore more cooperation space and platforms for art workers engaging in culture and creativity.

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