CEM unveils award winners of “Induction Cooker Lucky Draw” at Macau Food Festival

28 November 2017, Macau

To promote induction cooking, CEM has held the “Induction Cooker Lucky Draw” at Macau Food Festival for consecutive years. Participants who offered the right answers to simple questions were given the chance to join the lucky draw to win induction cookers.

The lucky draw was held recently at Macau Food Festival. Ten lucky winners were drawn out by Elizabeth Chung and Chau Veng Tang, Vice Chairmen of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macau; Jaclyn Iun, Manager of CEM Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Office.

The ten lucky winners are: Wu Iok Pek, Wong Chon Kit, Ao Ieong Man Chi, Xu Jia Yi, Vong Pui Iok, Zou Jin Ye, Chan Yuk Lin, Fong Pou Lai, Ian Meng Ngan and Kou Hong Wai. Winners will be notified individually by CEM and each of them will receive one induction cooker.

Induction cooker can accurately fine-tune the cooking heat, allowing users to easily grasp various cooking techniques such as frying, cooking, steaming, boiling and stewing. In addition to being the new trend for ideal cooking stoves, induction cooker is the best choice for stylish cooking thanks to its pleasing appearance. It is safer to use induction cooker to cook food than traditional flame cooking as the cooking surface will not cause burns. Moreover, the kitchen temperature can be lowered by 4-5oC, making the cooking environment more comfortable. Induction cooker boast heat transfer efficiency of up to 85% as well as one-third shorter cooking time than flame cooking, thus contributing to energy saving of 30-45% to fully tie in with energy conservation and economic benefits. With induction cookers, cooking becomes easy and simple, bringing convenience and fun to life.

Apart from promoting induction cooking, CEM also held a series of free electric cooking classes and baking classes this year for citizens to experience the pleasure brought by electric cooking. These classes were rich in contents, including making pastries, cakes and breads, learning how to cook Italian and Thai cuisine, as well as cooking classes for parents and their children to enable them to enjoy the delight brought by electric cooking. Citizens responded with great enthusiasm for each class, and seats for the classes were quickly filled up on the same day enrollment kicked off.

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