CEM organizes CLC to visit smart streetlight project in Shenzhen

2 August 2018, Macau

In order to help members of CEM Customer Liaison Committee (CLC) learn about power market developments, CEM organizes visits to different places for members every year. In line with Macau SAR Government’s Five-Year Development Plan in building a smart city and to enhance CLC members’ understanding of smart streetlights, CEM organized a two-day smart streetlight visit to Shenzhen for on-site smart streetlight and smart city project study, as well as to learn relevant information and experience sharing.

The 24-member delegation was led by Vong Kok Seng, CLC President, Vice-President of Board of Directors of Macau Chamber of Commerce; Lei Chi Fong, CLC Vice President and President of Macau Goldsmith’s Guild and Iun Iok Meng, CLC Vice President and Advisor to CEM Executive Committee. Wong Kin Chong, CLC member and President of the Industry and Commerce Association of Macau Northern District; Bernie Leong, Chairman of CEM Executive Committee; Benjamin Yue, Principal Advisor to CEM Executive Committee are the Consultants of the delegation. Delegation members included representatives of local associations in Macau, as well as CEM representatives. The delegation were warmly received by Xu Haiwen, Department Head of Road Lighting Department of Shenzhen Lighting Environment Management Center; Wang Rongli, General Manager of Shenzhen Unilumin Group Co. Ltd.; Liu Jindong, Managing Director of Macao Newland Technology Co. Ltd.; Xia Chaojie, Vice President of Huawei Global Technical Services and Duan Xuepeng, Director of Huawei Site Integration Solution R&D Department.

On 1 August, the delegation arrived Shenzhen and had a meeting with Shenzhen Unilumin Technology Co. Ltd., which is the major contractor of smart streetlights in Shenzhen. Representatives of Unilumin introduced the strategic direction and the future outlook of lighting as well as the innovative solution of smart streetlights for Shenzhen. The delegation visited the company’s display of core technologies and products of smart streetlights. In the evening, the delegation visited Luohu District’s South Renmin Road where 77 smart streetlights have been installed on a pilot project, with an aim to learn about how the smart streetlights operate on a bustling street.

Smart streetlights integrate a variety of functions, including intelligent lighting, public WIFI, video monitoring, emergency assistance, public broadcast, environmental monitoring, LED screen, interactive screen, digital water gauge, loT, waste bin monitoring, sewer cover monitoring, optical sensor and more, making them an important carrier of network featuring comprehensive perception for the construction of new smart city. Smart streetlights can realize overall monitoring and management on the city’s environmental quality, safety of public areas as well as publicity of instant messages so as to improve the development level of new smart city as well as provide basic support for the construction of perceptive network.

The delegation continued the visit in Shenzhen on 2 August and visited Huawei’s Smart Operation Centre in Longgang, smart streetlight management system and Huawei Industry Solutions Executive Briefing Center in Bantian. The smart park in Longgang displays the smart city construction in Longgang, including smart light poles, smart streetlight management system, smart government administration and urban smart operation centre. The urban smart operation centre will help the Longgang District government realize the “one map, four centers” function. “One map” refers to the overall situation map of urban operation, while “four centres” refer to the decision, warning, command and services centres. Decision center will make decisions based on big data. The warning centre will realize its function using the data of Internet of Things and big data. The command and service centres will realize linkage command and connect different governmental departments to work for citizens, respectively. The Industry Solutions Executive Briefing Center is Huawei’s exhibition hall for the government and enterprises, which ties in with the "platform" and " ecology" strategies and showcases solutions for smart cities, public safety and the energy, transportation, financial, manufacturing and media sectors through real business scenarios. It showcases Huawei’s capability in joint innovation and integration.

Vong Kok Seng said in the seminar that streetlights are an integral part of urban infrastructure, and their functions determine that they will be densely distributed in a city with extensive coverage and strong regularity. Currently, the network of “streetlights” is a carrier of equipment and facilities applied to a smart city. In Macau, streetlights are distributed evenly and can be installed with a number of innovative equipment seen in a smart city. Taking streetlights as a part of the infrastructure will help push forward the development of a smart city. The visit helped CLC members better understand smart city-related projects and provided valuable experience for Macau to promote smart city-related work in the future.

Bernie Leong thanked all the entities which have warmly received the delegation. The visit has been an eye-opener for the delegation and provided valuable learning opportunities for them. Macau SAR Government issued its consultation on five-year development plan in building a smart city and suggest to collect environment information by using smart streetlights. As a public utility responsible for power supply and managing streetlights, CEM will actively cooperate with the government’s development direction and projects, in a bid to jointly shape Macau into a smart city that provides intelligent services for its residents.

CLC members participated in the visit hoped that they could provide more concrete and practical opinions on Macau’s smart city planning and development work in the future through the visit. CLC members in the delegation include: Ung Sio Hong, Vice Director of Association of Property Agents and Realty Developers of Macau; Sam Keng Wan, Vice Director of Mong Ha Community Centre of General Residents Association of Macau; Wu Kin Wai, Director of Macau Entertainment and Service Association; Leong Meng Ian, Director of Taipa Office and Taipa Integrated Services Centre of Macau Federation of Trade Unions; Chen Chi Hong, Vice Director of The Macau Chinese Enterprises Association; Ada Chan, Vice President of the Women’s General Association of Macau; Lewis Chan. Executive Committee Member of Consumer Council of Macau SAR Government; Wong Sio San, Director of Toi San Community Centre of Macau Federation of Trade Unions; Ieong Weng Seng, Director of Association of Macau Small and Medium Enterprises of Catering; Lau Veng Lin, Vice Director of Macau Association of Building Contractors and Developers; Majorie Lau, Vice Director of Industrial Association of Macau; Cheang Io Tung, Director of The Macau Electromechanics Professionals Association; Other CEM representatives include: Cecilia Nip, Chris Chao, Lawrence Sun, Colbert Si, Kenny Liu and Emily Cheong, etc.

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