CEM and UGAMM jointly hold seminar to encourage cooperation from property owners on Power Network Optimization Plan

7 June 2018, Macau

To reduce the risk of electrical installation damages caused by flooding in low-lying areas, CEM continues to follow up on the optimization of local power facilities to improve the stability of power supply. To facilitate discussions about the aforementioned project with residents in the areas, CEM further reaches out to the related customers through local associations. It is hoped that through face-to-face explanation and Q&A with CEM engineers, the property owners and representatives can gain a better understanding of the project.

Thus, CEM held a seminar on “Power Network Optimization Plan in Low-Lying Areas” at the Delegation of Central District of the General Residents Association of Macau (UGAMM) earlier, which was co-organized by the Delegation of Southern District of UGAMM, the Working Committee for Buildings of UGAMM and the Building Management Resource Centre of UGAMM. Nearly 60 residents attended the seminar. During the seminar, Billy Chan, Senior Manager of CEM Transmission and Distribution Department, explained the follow-up works after Typhoon Hato and the power network optimization plan of the districts, as well as encouraged cooperation from customers on the power facility raising project, so that the power network renovation plan for low-lying areas can achieve maximum results. Both CEM and property owners are involved in this project, while CEM is responsible for the part that concerns the raising of potheads and power connection, the property owners are responsible for raising installations such as the main switch of the building. During the relocation works, power supply for the concerned buildings or shops will be temporarily interrupted for power connection and the required time varies due to individual circumstances. Therefore, prior to commencing the works, CEM must reach a consensus with the property owners of the concerned buildings or shops on the project and schedule. It is also recommended customers to evaluate their potential electricity demand, and take this opportunity to upgrade the installation at the same time.

Billy Chan explained that since the attack of Typhoon Hato last year, CEM has been actively making arrangements to optimize electrical installations in low-lying areas. However, CEM must first obtain the customers’ agreement to carry out the power facility raising works on the external walls or pillars of their buildings or shops. If road excavation is involved, application for IACM and DSAT licenses and approvals shall also be required. In addition, relocation work may be difficult to implement in some buildings due to lack of space. Hence, CEM hopes to explain the project to more property owners through the seminar and speed up the works for buildings or shops that already have the conditions qualified for pothead raising.

Holly Ng, Supervisor of the Delegation of Southern District of UGAMM expressed her gratitude to CEM personnel for their presentation to residents. Since the residents are generally concerned about the work costs and safety issues, she hoped that CEM can strengthen the promotion and give advice on the parts for which residents are responsible and the related costs, or under what circumstances the residents are required to consult CEM beforehand. Thus the residents can have a better understanding of the project. On the other hand, it is suggested that the residents in the district should arrange to raise the building electrical installation along with CEM’s pothead raising schedule to minimize the frequency of excavation works. It is also believed if CEM can provide a hotline for enquiry, it will be easier for residents to cope with the project.

Other representatives attending the seminar include: Chon Chong, Supervisor of the Building Management Resource Centre of UGAMM; Cheng Son Meng, Supervisor of the Working Committee for Buildings of UGAMM; Jane Leong, Senior Manager of Customer Services Department and Cecilia Nip, Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Office.

If customers intend to raise their electrical installations, they can contact CEM on 2833 9911 to discuss the project. CEM will provide technical advice to assist customers in carrying out their responsible parts. To ensure safety and stability of power supply in each building, property owners have the responsibility for periodic inspection as well as repair and maintenance of the electrical installations. If the main switch maintenance and replacement works involve electricity suspension and restoration, they are welcome to contact CEM for assistance.

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