CEM jointly holds Seminars on Energy Saving and Safety with Local Associations

Macau, 24 July 2017

To encourage the public and the hotel industry to take appropriate energy-saving measures to improve energy efficiency, CEM has been holding the “Macau Energy Saving Contest” since 2009. During the Contest period, CEM partners with different associations to organize “Energy Saving and Safety” Seminars with the aim to raise citizens’ awareness on energy conversation and safe use of electricity. Lately CEM jointly organized four Seminars with Women’s General Association of Macau (AGMM), Macau Institution of People's Alliance (API), Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM) Toi San Community Centre and General Residents Association of Macau (UGAMM) Buildings Management Resources Centre respectively, attracting over 300 participants.

Guests who attended the Seminars included Lam Un Mui, AGMM Director; Lei Leong Wong, API Director, Ao Ieong Kuong Kao, API Deputy Director and Un Hon Kuan, API Building Services Advisory Committee Officer; Charles Leong, FAOM Deputy Director, Siu Siu Man, FAOM Community Services Director; Chon Chong, UGAMM Buildings Management Resources Centre Director. Jane Leong and Uman Cheang, Senior Manager and Customer Contact Management Manager of CEM Customer Services Department; Cecilia Nip and Jaclyn Iun, Senior Manager and Manager of CEM Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Office attended the Seminars.

The Seminar covered the introduction of CEM customer services, the responsibilities of building communal electrical installations and the importance of regular maintenance, as well as household energy safety and saving tips. CEM speakers included: Joyce Lao and Ryan Chan, Customer Contact Management Officers of CEM Customer Services Department, Freddie Tang, Alex Chiu, Roy Sou and Ron Lio, Technical Services Management Engineers of CEM Customer Services Department.

Apart from CEM’s existing customer services, CEM representatives introduced the newly- designed Online Service and e-Service app. CEM engineers also highlighted the importance of maintenance and management on building communal electrical installations, in order to avoid power failure and fire accident due to poor maintenance. Information of energy saving and safety was promoted in the Seminar to give suggestions on choosing suitable electrical appliances to save energy.

At the Seminar, CEM representatives also introduced Community Program, which was launched in 2000. CEM volunteers provide free safety inspection and maintenance of household electrical installations for senior citizens who live in solitude, under-privileged families as well as people with special needs. After carrying out cooperation with the referral from government and associations, CEM widened the scope of the program by allowing the public to apply for the program with the aim to help more people in need. CEM representatives called on the attendees to assist in-need individuals around them to apply to CEM for the related services. To be eligible, applicants must hold a valid Beneficiary Card issued by the Social Welfare Bureau and pass the site visit assessment conducted by CEM. Citizens can either refer to for details or call 8393 1202 for enquiry.

Participants said they learned a lot from the Seminar and their enquiries were answered. Their active participation in the prized Q&A session added a lively atmosphere to the Seminar.

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