CEM organizes CLC to visit underground utility tunnel and Huanao Substation in Hengqin New Area

Macau, 7 July 2017

In a bid to help promote Macau’s urban planning and development, CEM organized the Customer Liaison Committee (CLC) to visit the underground utility tunnel and Huanao Substation in Hengqin New Area in the afternoon of 7 July. The 42-member delegation was led by Vong Kok Seng, CLC President, Vice-President of Board of Directors of Macau Chamber of Commerce; Lei Chi Fong, CLC Vice President and President of Macau Goldsmith’s Guild and Iun Iok Meng, CLC Vice President and Advisor to CEM Executive Committee. Wong Kin Chong, CLC member and President of the Industry and Commerce Association of Macau Northern District; Charles Choy, Chairman Emeritus of the American Chamber of Commerce in Macau; Bernie Leong, Chairman of CEM Executive Committee; Benjamin Yue, Principal Advisor to CEM Executive Committee; Billy Chan, Senior Manager of CEM Transmission and Distribution Department; Jane Leong, Senior Manager of CEM Customer Services Department; and Cecilia Nip, Senior Manager of CEM Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Office are the Consultants of the delegation. Delegation members included representatives of local associations in Macau, as well as CEM representatives. The delegation were warmly received by Liu Qihong, Chairman of Guangdong Power Grid, Zheng Jianping, Director of Guangdong Power Grid Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau and Li Juan, Macau Affairs Bureau Deputy Director of Hengqin New District Management Committee.

The delegation first visited the underground utility tunnel after arriving in Hengqin and experienced the innovation brought by the underground utility tunnel. The utility tunnel, with an overall length of 33.4 kilometers, pipelines including water supply pipeline, communication pipeline, 220kV power pipeline and waste vacuum pipeline, etc. The underground utility tunnel has been equipped with monitoring system, pipeline monitoring system and so forth. These systems are controlled by the operation, maintenance and management platform of the underground utility tunnel to realize fully-informationized and intelligentized operation.

Moreover, Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau’s representatives introduced to the delegation the structure and operation of the cable tunnel. A 20 kilometer-long cable tunnel, which is presently in-service, has a fire compartment every 200 meters, which houses independent systems of power distribution, ventilation, drainage and lighting. Between December 2013 and April 2014, there were four 220kV high-voltage cable sequentially put into operation in the tunnel. The cable tunnel also come equipped with online cable monitoring system, cable video and environment monitoring system, and more. In June 2017, three sections of rail-mounted robot intelligent patrol, measuring 6.6 kilometers, were finished, and a fire-fighting system was installed and underwent pilot run, achieving 24-hour robot intelligent patrol within the tunnel. A total of 272 sets of fireproof and blast-proof covers have been installed for cable joints, and a fire-fighting monitoring system has been set up, with the same objects of protection as those of the category two automatic fire alarm system.

The delegation later visited the 220kV Huanao Substation. As the second 220kV substation in Hengqin and also one of the four primary substations (Huanao Substation, Qinyun Substation, Zhuhai Substation and Gongbei Substation) in the power supply network between Guangdong and Macau, the substation was put into operation in December 2013. As a 3C green digital substation (3C refers to Computer, Communications and Control), it features an online monitoring system that covers all primary equipment to achieve real-time detection and diagnosis. It also adopts rain water recycling, sewage treatment, energy-saving LED lighting and solar lighting technologies, thereby putting the idea of green grid into practice.

CLC members gained much insight during the visit, and they hoped that they could offer valuable advice for Macau’s urban planning and development by visiting the underground utility tunnel. CLC members in the delegation include: Holly Ng, Acting Head of Taipa Office of General Residents Association of Macau; Ung Sio Hong, Vice Director of Association of Property Agents and Realty Developers of Macau; Sam Keng Wan, Social Worker of Northern District Office of General Residents Association of Macau; Wu Kin Wai, Director of Macau Entertainment & Service Association; Leong Meng Ian, Director of Taipa Office and Taipa Integrated Services Centre of Services Centre of Macau Federation of Trade Unions; Ada Chan, Vice President of the Women’s General Association of Macau; Chan Tak Seng, Vice President of Macau Institution of People's Alliance; Vong Siu Quei, Council Member of Macau Association of Building Contractors and Developers; Ieong Weng Seng, Director of Association of Macau Small and Medium Enterprises of Catering; William Yong, Vice President of Property Management Business Association of Macau; Yeong Keng Hoi, President of the Industry and Commerce Federation of Islands of Macau; Cheang Io Tung, Director of the Macau Electromechanics Professionals Association; Tang Kuok Meng, Vice President of Macau General Association of Real Estate and Tourism Services; Andy Tam, Standing Member of Macau Construction Association; Other CEM CLC representatives include: Uman Cheang, Diona Chan, Charles Leong, Eddie Ung, Ernesto do Rosário, Garrick Yuen, Belinda Chio and Emily Cheong, etc.

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