Diploma Course in Electrical Engineering to cultivate Macau electrical engineering professionals

6 June 2017, Macau

Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM) and University of Macau (UM) jointly organized a 3-year “Professional Diploma in Electrical Engineering”, the graduation ceremony was held recently. The ceremony was jointly officiated by Prof. Rui Martins, Vise Rector (Research) of University of Macau, Mr. Benjamin Yue, Principal Advisor of the Executive Committee of CEM, and Prof. Leung Shing On, Director of Centre for Continuing Education of University of Macau.

Prof. Rui Martins said in his speech that in recent years, the local engineering industry is eager for talent. The result from the collaboration program of UM and CEM is positive. UM will continue to play an active role in holding various types of professional training courses to provide opportunities for the development of the industry. He was honored to provide dedicated students with training opportunity to improve their professional standards and obtain upward mobility opportunities to offer better services for the industry.

Benjamin Yue indicated that with the cooperation between UM and CEM, more local youngsters can be fostered to join in the Electrical Engineering field in the future. As one of the major public service suppliers in Macau, CEM has always been devoted to local education, especially technical professions, for example Electrical and Mechanical engineering professionals. Such training courses have far-reaching implications for the sustainable development of Macau and the enhancement of local residences’ employment capability.

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