CEM Ambassadors Team test ride e-Bus with elders to celebrate Chinese New Year

6 February 2018, Macau

To carry forward the spirit of respect and care for the elderly, it is the fifth year for CEM to join hands with Peng On Tung Association to hold activities, organizing 10 Ambassadors to accompany 10 elderly from Peng On Tung Association to take a test ride on E-Bus and have lunch together on 6 February, in the hope of sending care and blessings to senior citizens prior to the Chinese New Year.

On that day, CEM Ambassadors and the elderly took the E-Bus to visit the giant pandas “Kai Kai”, “Xin Xin” , “Jian Jian” , “Kang Kang” at Coloane Seac Pai Van Park and took photos there. One of the senior citizens, Lam Kai Ho, 80 years old, said that even though the weather was cold, he felt so warm in the heart when having the outdoor activity with the ambassadors before the Chinese New Year. It was the first time for him to ride on an E-Bus, he felt smooth and comfortable when riding on it and didn’t smell any diesel fuel and exhausted gas like other normal buses. He looked forward to seeing more E-Buses on the roads in the future, which would be good for reducing air pollution.

After that, CEM Ambassadors had a lunch together with the elders, and presented them with mini rice cookers to wish them good health and peace prior to the Chinese New Year.

Apart from the participated elders on that day, CEM Ambassadors Team will also later present the mini rice cookers to the elders participating in the 2015 “CEM Ambassadors 1+1 Elderly Program”, in a bid to sharing the joy of Chinese New year together and bringing the blessings and care forward.

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