The Fourth CEM “Healthy Eating” Induction Cooking Contest Rounded off Successfully

25 October 2015, Macau

The “Healthy Eating” Induction Cooking Contest organized by CEM, co-organized by the Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM) and supported by Macau Professional Nutritionist Association, rounded off successfully today. The contest proceeded in a heated atmosphere, with all participants making their best efforts. After a round of fierce competition, Ip Mei Leng finally won the contest.

The contest aims to promote induction cooking, nutritional value of food and health knowledge among the public, as well as prompt more people to pay attention to balanced nutrition. Nearly 30 individuals signed up to participate in this year’s contest. Participants have to design and cook dishes rich in nutritional value. After undergoing stringent reviews, 20 contestants were shortlisted to today’s finals and cooked nutritious dishes on-site using induction cookers.

The judges of the cooking contest included Wong Kuai Leng, Vice Director of FAOM, Lei U Weng, Director of the United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macau, Olivia Chau, Executive Director of Macau Professional Nutritionist Association, Chan Chak Keong, instructor at the Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of FAOM, and Iun Iok Meng, Advisor to CEM Executive Committee. Guests presented at the event included: Lei Chi Fong, Vice President of CEM Customer Liaison Committee, Chan Veng Iun and Austin Kuong, CEM Customer Liaison Committee members, Kuong Chi Fong, Director of Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of FAOM, Jaclyn Iun, CEM Communications and Public Affairs Manager.

The cooking contest was open to public. Macau citizens aged over 18 who were not professional chefs were eligible to participate in the contest. The selected participants cooked dishes on-site to experience the advantages of induction cooker, which boasts of a heat conduction efficiency of 90%, much higher than the 40% of flame cookery, and one third shorter cooking time than flame cookery. Induction cooker can transmit the heat to the utensil directly and contribute to an energy reduction of 30% to 45%. Moreover, induction cooker can solve the problem of heat diffusion in flame cooking, thus lowers the indoor temperature by 4-5oC and produces less cooking fumes, making the kitchen environment cooler and more comfortable, creating a fireless and smokeless cooking environment. Participants were required to design a low-carbon and healthy dish with the principle of balanced nutrition, using one or more of the five designated ingredients (Poultry, Seafood, Dairy, Bean Products and Variety of Fruits and Vegetables), to cook the dish on-site with induction cookers.

Iun Iok Meng said in his speech that the CEM and Macau Federation of Trade Unions have jointly organized the “Healthy Eating” Induction Cooking Contest for four consecutive years, with an aim to promote the use of induction cookers as well as enhance the public’s awareness on healthy diets and balanced nutrition by encouraging contestants to design healthy and nutritious recipes. Contestants experienced the advantages of induction cookers during the contest as they have better heat conduction efficiency, generate less cooking fumes and contribute to a clean kitchen environment. Twenty contestants, with their imagination and cooking skills, created delicious and healthy dishes which included designated ingredients. CEM expressed gratitude to the Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of Macau Federation of Trade Unions for providing venue and facilities for the contest. CEM also expressed its gratitude to the Macau Professional Nutritionist Association for its full support. Moreover, the efforts made by professional judges, who took time out of their busy schedules and offered contestants valuable advice, were also greatly appreciated.

Kuong Chi Fong expressed gratitude to CEM for its many years of support to the Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of FAOM. The “Healthy Eating” Induction Cooking Contest further strengthened residents’ awareness of healthy and nutritious cooking. Twenty participants prepared delicious and healthy dishes encompassing wonderful colors, aroma, flavor, and nutritional value using the five designated ingredients. Kuong said the Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of FAOM, which has been established for 11 years, has always cared about the catering staff’s health and their working environment. At present, most catering companies have switched to electric kitchenware, which generates less noise and reduces the temperature in the kitchen as well as decreases the emission of harmful gases to contribute to environmental protection. In addition, training courses offered by the Center this year all strengthened teachings on food nutrition and safety. Besides placing emphasis on the taste of food, the catering staff are taught to pay more attention to nutritional value during cooking, in a bid to provide residents with a wider selection of healthy dishes to choose from when they dine out.

Finally, the judging panel sampled the dishes and made its selection. The judges picked the final winners of each award as follows:

Gold: Ip Mei Leng (MOP3,000 electrical appliance coupon + Certificate)

Silver: Chio Mei Ha (MOP2,000 electrical appliance coupon + Certificate)

Bronze: Wong Kuok Fai (MOP1,500 electrical appliance coupon + Certificate)

Green Concept: Lau Teresa (MOP1,500 electrical appliance coupon)

Excellence: Lau Teresa, Ho Iok Chan, Wong Sio Cheng, Leong Keng Seong and Ng Pui Leng (MOP800 electrical appliance coupon)

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