CEM invites four hotels in Macau to share their experience on energy saving

29 September 2015, Macau

To align with the Energy Saving Contest launched for promoting the message on energy saving, CEM held the “Experience Sharing Seminar on Energy Saving” today at the conference room of Macau Science Center, which provided an interactive platform for hotel industry representatives to jointly share their energy-saving experience as well as the latest methods employed by businesses for energy conservation. Guests who attended the seminar included Acting Head of Environmental Publicity and Education Division of Environmental Protection Bureau, John Ramos, Macau Energy Saving Association President, Cheang Io Tung and Chan Veng Iun, CEM Customer Liaison Committee members, Shi Yulin, Executive Director of CEM, and Iun Iok Meng, Advisor to CEM Executive Committee.

In his welcoming speech, CEM Executive Director Shi Yulin said that CEM has held the Macau Energy Saving Contest for seven consecutive years, in a bid to align with the environmental protection policies of the Macau government as well as fulfill its corporate social responsibilities of promoting environmental protection and energy conservation. The contest was supported by the Office for the Development of the Energy Sector and jointly organized by CEM along with the Union for Promoting Progress, Property Management Business Association Macau and Macau Hoteliers & Innkeepers Association. In addition, to coordinate with the contest, CEM holds the “Experience Sharing Seminar on Energy Saving” every year to provide the hotel industry with an interactive platform for sharing knowledge and experience on energy conservation. He also expressed hope that all sectors could continue to make efforts to thoroughly put the habits of energy conservation and environmental protection into practice, as well as support and actively take part in this activity. He believed that through joint efforts by all, a greener Macau can be achieved.

The “Experience Sharing Seminar on Energy Saving” was held at 3:00pm on 29 September 2015 (Tuesday). Representatives from four local hotels were invited as speakers of the seminar, including Mr. George Marques, VP, Technical Services of Macau Legend Development - Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, who delivered a presentation titled “Promotion of ‘LEED’ green building evaluation system and its benefits to Macau”; Mr. Justin Ng, Assistant Vice President-Sustainability Life Cycle Management of Galaxy, who talked about “New strategy and trend of energy and sustainable development management”; Syed Mubarak, Director of Sustainability at Venetian Macau, and Mr. Tim Chan, Manager of Sustainability- Facilities, Venetian Macau, who delivered presentations on the topic of “Energy-saving benefits over the past five years as well as future plans”; and Mr. Li Zhide, Assistant General Manager & Engineering Manager of Beverly Plaza Hotel, who gave a presentation on “Energy conservation and emission reduction, and scientific development”. Representatives of the four hotels shared their invaluable experiences on energy conservation in terms of equipment or operation adopted by their respective companies. It is expected that through the sharing of corporate cases, companies can learn from one another about methods of energy conservation utilized by various sectors, while more local enterprises can be led to invest in energy conservation, thereby jointly creating a higher-quality and better living environment.

Nearly 80 industry insiders attended the seminar. Participants all opined that the seminar held by CEM will help boost industry standards through the sharing of energy-saving experience as well as the best methods for energy conservation, thereby allowing industry players to learn from one another and pass on experience and effects of promoting energy conservation.

Over 68 million kWh of power have been saved since CEM first launched the Energy Saving Contest in 2009. The Energy Saving Contest is now under way, while carrying on the impressive performance in the past. Entries will be reviewed by the jury at the end of this year, and a winner will be selected.

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