"CEM Brightening Stars" internship program wraps up, promoting care and self-improvement of the disadvantaged

1 December 2016, Macau

To help the disadvantaged seek self-improvement, Companhia de Electricidade de Macau – CEM, S.A. (CEM) and Macau Special Olympics (MSO) have jointly organized the “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program since 2010. This year’s three-month internship program successfully wrapped up today and a Closing Ceremony for the program was held at Hotel Royal. Six trainees were awarded certificates and shared their experiences and feelings about the program.

The attending guests included Lin Danhong, representative of the Social Work Department of Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macau SAR, Sou Chi Kuan, Chief of Rehabilitation Case Service Unit of Social Welfare Bureau, Wong Sio Kuan, Functional Head of Labour Affairs Bureau, Cheang Ka Nun, Senior Technician of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Lei Chi Fong, Vice President of CEM Customer Liaison Committee, members of the Commission for Rehabilitation Affairs, members of CEM Customer Liaison Committee, Kuong Teng Chun, Council Member of MSO, Hetzer Siu, National Director of MSO, Shi Yulin, Executive Director of CEM and Iun Iok Meng, Advisor to CEM Executive Committee.

CEM and MSO have jointly organized the “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program for seven consecutive years. This year’s three-month internship program started from September. Six trainees worked in CEM various departments, including Generation Department, Information Systems Department, Procurement and Logistics Department, Power and Networks Dispatch Department, and Transmission and Distribution Department. CEM and MSO hope to enhance the mentally-disabled’s confidence and adaptability in employment by providing them on-job training opportunities.

Shi Yulin said in his speech that six trainees had completed their internships under the guidance and care of CEM colleagues, and believed that they had enhanced their social and work skills through on-job training. He wished the trainees to continue pressing forward and have a bright future. Shi Yulin also said that the efforts of volunteer organizations alone are not enough to effectively promote the employment of people with intellectual disabilities. The participation and support of the business sector are indispensable. People with intellectual disabilities are absolutely capable of doing the job as long as they are matched with the appropriate training and types of work in accordance with their ability. Hence, Shi Yulin hoped that all sectors of the community can pay more attention to the employment needs of the intellectually disabled people. Shi Yulin also called on more employers to provide job opportunities for the mentally-disabled and offer them a platform to display their talents, so that different people can have their own roles and positions in the community and contribute themselves to the society.

Hetzer Siu expressed gratitude to CEM for its active fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities over the years, during which CEM offered internship opportunities to the intellectually disabled, enabling them to learn from work and grow from mistakes. It’s a good opportunity for trainees to work as interns in CEM, as they can have an understanding of their working ability, make public their employment requirements, as well as review and improve themselves constantly to get ready for working in the society, which is the significance of the internship program. Hetzer Siu also thanked CEM employees who are willing to offer internship positions. As interns’ employment confidence is like a little tree, careful tutoring, sincere care, acceptance and recognition of their supervisors are nutrients that can make the little tree thrive. Last but not least, Hetzer Siu expressed the hope that more companies can pay attention to the working ability of the intellectually disabled and provide a sound working environment for them as much as possible, so that they can contribute to the development of companies with a stable working efficiency.

On behalf of all the trainees, Sam Mio Teng, a trainee from CEM Generation Department shared her internship experience at the Ceremony. She was grateful to CEM and Macau Special Olympics for providing the internship opportunity. She said that all CEM employees showed great kindness and patience towards them and often gave them praise & encouragement during the internship, which allowed them to join the big family of CEM in no time. She added that although the internship has come to an end, trainees will continue to upgrade themselves and review their shortcomings in the internship so as to make improvements. She hoped to find a good job in the future to live up to the expectations of family, friends, Macau Special Olympics, and CEM.

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