“Healthy Eating” Induction Cooking Contest is open for registration and the finalists’ recipes to be printed into cookbook

31 May 2016, Macau

To promote induction cooking and establish a healthy food culture, CEM has been joining hands with the Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM) to organize the “Healthy Eating” Induction Cooking Contest since 2012, with the support of Macau Professional Nutritionist Association. The annual Contest will be held again at FAOM on 28 August 2016 (Sunday), and is now open for registration. This year, the organizer will print a cookbook that includes all dishes made by the finalists after the Contest, in a bid to encourage the public to use induction cookers and attach importance to food nutrition.

Participants will cook self-designed healthy and nutritious dishes on-site by using induction cookers at the Contest, while enjoying flameless cooking. Induction cooking is gaining popularity in recent years. Besides hot pot restaurants, many other restaurants in Macau also have adopted induction cookers. Induction cooking is safe and environmentally-friendly, with lower risks of causing burns or fire accidents. Induction cooker can transmit heat to the cookware directly, boasting heat efficiency of 85% and one-third shorter cooking time than flame cooking, which contribute to an energy reduction of 30% to 45%, thus saving time and money. Moreover, induction cooker can solve the problem of heat diffusion, thus lowering the kitchen temperature by 4-5oC and producing less cooking noise and smoke. Cooking in a cool and comfortable kitchen is proficient and enjoyable.

Macau residents at aged above 18 who are not professional chefs are welcome to participate in the “Healthy Eating” Induction Cooking Contest. Participants are required to submit a “healthy and nutritious” recipe to the organizer. Judges will then take the concept of the recipe as the selection criteria of the Contest. The finalists will take part in the Cooking Contest on 28 August at FAOM. Judges will select the winners during the Contest, based on the criteria of the dish’s color, smell, taste and appearance, as well as eco-friendly ingredients selection and composition, nutritional value and practicality.

Winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards will receive electrical appliance coupons of MOP3,000, MOP2,000 and MOP1,500 respectively. Also, there will be a Green Concept Award of MOP1,500 electrical appliance coupon; five Excellence Award of MOP800 electrical appliance coupon and twelve Consolation Award of MOP200 supermarket shopping coupon. All 20 finalists will receive a gift of kitchenware.

Starting today till 29 July, interested parties can sign up for the Contest directly in CEM website ( or download Contest guideline and enrollment form, as well as dial 8393 1205 (CEM) or 2848 7366 (FAOM) for detailed information.

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