“Green Light in Macau” online quiz lucky draw result announcement

16 May 2016, Macau

“Green Light in Macau” online quiz held by IACM and Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A. (CEM) has been successfully concluded. The sustainable development of a city and the habits of citizens’ daily lives are inextricably linked. Through answering questions related to greening and environmental protection, citizens can know more about Macau’s natural ecology as well as energy saving tips, and apply them to everyday lives to protect Macau’s natural environment. The Lucky Draw received overwhelming response with over 3,500 citizens answered questions correctly and successfully registered for the Lucky Draw.

“Green Light in Macau” online quiz featured fabulous prizes including one trendy eco-friendly souvenir set, (30 winners) and one-day trip to Hong Kong “Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden” to let citizens experience the natural ecology (20 winners).

The draw has been held at CEM Building recently, presided by Chen Yu Fen, Division of Nature Studies and Conservation Head of IACM Department of Gardens and Green Areas and Jaclyn Iun, CEM Communications and Public Affairs Office Manager. Winners are listed below: souvenir set (30 winners): Chou Pui Gi, Chong Kin Long, Ieong Wang Meng, Chiang Pui I, Liu Sio Chan, Chan Iao Yuen, Ieong Pui Wan, Shi Lok Mui, Vong Chon Cheng, Tam Weng In, Cheang Man Hou, Chan Sok Wa, Kong Ngan, Kam Wai Lok, Cheong Kin Cheong, Cheang Hio Lam, Tang Chi Kin, Tam Chan Pong, Chou Sio Peng, Wu Pui Ha, Chan Wai Si, Chan Seng Lun, Chan Chon Weng, Lau Ngan U, Sou Sin Ieng, Chung Sum Meng, Lam Goi Tai, Chan Cheng Tong, Ho Sou I, Chan Iok Chi; one-day trip to Hong Kong “Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden” (20 winners): Cheang Ka Keong, Xing Yu Chen, Sio Lok Teng, Ao Ieong Sam, Mok Sio Vai, Ku Wai Fun, Cheong Wa Long, Choi Meng Wa, Leong Fok Meng, Lai Sio Peng, Lai Weng Wa, Leong Seung In, Lei Ieng, Un Mio Cheng, Cheung Kam Wing, Chang Man Cheng, Lei Vai I, Wong Ka Man, Kou I Wa, Chan Kei Iong. Winners will be notified individually by phone.

Jaclyn Iun expressed her gratitude to IACM for jointly organizing this meaningful activity. Through answering natural conservation and energy saving questions, citizens can have a deeper understanding of Macau’s natural ecology as well as environmental protection and energy saving. CEM hopes to encourage citizens to incorporate environmentally-friendly actions into their everyday lives to make Macau a green city.

The results of the Lucky Draw are available at Macau Nature (, CEM website ( and “Macau Energy Saving Contest” Facebook fan page (

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