“CEM Brightening Stars” internship program wraps up, significantly benefiting participants

15 December 2014, Macau

Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM) and Macau Special Olympics (MSO) held the closing ceremony of “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program at Plaza Restaurant today. The attending guests included Vong Siu Kuan, Division Chief of Labour Affairs Bureau, Lok Lai Vun, representative from Social Welfare Bureau, Chow Pui Leng, Director of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau Psycho Pedagogical Support and Special Education Centre, Lei Chi Fong, Vice-President of CEM Customer Liaison Committee, Lam Sok Iun, Officer of Legislator Angela Leong’s Office, Ada Lo, Chairlady of MSO, Siu Yu Hong Hetzer, National Director of MSO, and Iun Iok Meng, Advisor to CEM Executive Committee.

Participants were presented with training certificates, and shared their experiences and feelings about the program. Three participants and one tutor from MSO formed a band to stage a performance.

CEM and MSO have jointly organized the “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program for five straight years, with a total of 33 trainees. In this internship program, six trainees worked under CEM departments over a period of ten weeks starting this October, including Human Resources Department, Information Systems Department, Network Operations & Maintenance Department, Power and Networks Dispatch Department, Procurement and Logistics Department and Communications and Public Affairs Office. Moreover, two trainees who were recruited by CEM as short-term contract employees in 2012 have already become long-term employees of CEM.

Iun Iok Meng revealed in his speech that the six trainees have achieved the goals set for them in the six domains of communication skills, patience, concentration, initiative, work enthusiasm and sense of responsibility. Their enhanced social interaction skills and self-confidence are to further boost their work capacity, which will be coupled with the help and guidance of colleagues in CEM. In addition to providing reliable and quality power supply service to Macau residents, CEM, as a devoted and outstanding enterprise, endeavored to shoulder its social responsibilities, dedicated to serving the community in Macau. Bernie expressed his hope to convey a message in the community, to embrace people with special needs, through this internship program which has been continuously improved and optimized over the past five years. Vocational Assessment is adopted in the open recruitment this year, enabling participants to fully unleash their potential and capabilities while building up valuable experiences in the program. It is hoped that the six trainees who serve as a bridge between the past and the future can promote and encourage more institutions to provide employment opportunities for people with special needs, helping them better integrate into society.

Ada Lo is indebted to CEM for actively fulfilling social corporate responsibility for many years in providing internship opportunities for the mentally-disabled. Stepping into the fifth year of cooperation, some trainees embarked on their new career path, signifying the enormous outcome of the Internship program when it comes to securing job opportunities for the mentally-disabled. This year, six trainees worked at different departments and could always complete the work assigned by their senior, proving that the mentally-disabled are equally capable. The trainees attached great importance to the internship in which they can discover and unleash their potential and capabilities to best prepare for the future job opportunities, which, at the same time, is considered the essence of the program. Ada also hoped that there would be more enterprises that can acknowledge the potential of the mentally disabled and establish a good working environment for them.

One of the trainees Lai Sin Lam, joining the Network Operations and Maintenance Department shared her feelings at the graduation ceremony. Firstly, she was on behalf of other trainees to express their gratitude to CEM for endowing them with opportunities, and for the guidance and care of the colleagues in CEM. She once took for granted the power supply but later found that the operation of an electric power company was far more complex than one may perceive. She said that she was honored to receive training in CEM as a big family. She expected to find a promising job in the future.

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