CEM and Macau Federation of Trade Unions Jointly Held “One Day @CEM” to Encourage Youngsters to Set Goals

25 August 2014, Macau

CEM, Macau Federation of Trade Unions and Macau Youth Navigation Volunteer Association earlier held the “One Day @CEM” program to encourage youngsters to actively explore career prospects and look for goals in life. The sharing session of the event was held at Macau Tower Entertainment and Convention Centre today, attended by Wong Chio In, Unit Head of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Chiang Chong Sek, President of Macau Federation of Trade Unions, Vong Kok Seng, President of CEM Customer Liaison Committee, Lei Chi Fong, Vice-President of CEM Customer Liaison Committee and Bernie Leong, Chairman of CEM Executive Committee.

A total of 19 high school and college students participated in the “One Day @CEM”, and students were dispatched to various departments of the company for one-day work experience. To better lead students in fully committing themselves to the activity, each department of CEM also arranged for senior instructors to accompany the students. They explained to the students about the operation of departments as well as work knowledge.

Bernie Leong said that CEM has always been committed to caring for the society. In order to provide more meaningful and beneficial activities and experiences to teenagers in Macau as well as to carry out CEM’s objective of cultivating talents, CEM especially joined hands with Macau Federation of Trade Unions to launch the first “One Day @CEM” activity during this year’s summer vacation period. The activity aimed to allow teenagers to have a better understanding on the operation of CEM, and also gave them the opportunity to put themselves in a real working environment to broaden their horizons and understand the importance of team spirit, so as to be better prepared for their future career goals. He wished the students success in giving full play to their talents on their jobs in the future, in a bid to contribute to the society. In addition, on the road of learning, he hoped that the students would make good use of every learning opportunity to enrich themselves, develop their own potentials and adopt a sincere and positive attitude towards their work in the future. Moreover, since 1991, CEM has successively joined hands with University of Macau (UM), Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) and Escola Luso-Chinesa Tecnico-Profissional (ELCTP) in launching internship programs, and has also cooperated with UM, Macau Polytechnic Institute, University of Saint Joseph, Macau Institute of Management, and DSEJ in establishing the CEM scholarship to reward students with outstanding performance, in a bid to cultivate local talents. Chiang Chong Sek opined that local youths have high ideals and aspirations for the future, and their education levels are constantly improving. Macau Federation of Trade Unions believed that as long as the government and enterprises provide more support and opportunities for young people to accumulate work experience and upgrade training, they would be able to achieve upward mobility through their own efforts and bring impetus for economic development, thereby making greater contributions to the society. Macau Kung Luen Vocational & Technical Middle School, Amateur Continuing Study Centre and Vocational Skill Training Centre under Macau Federation of Trade Unions are also providing further learning opportunities for people of different ages, in a bid to enhance the competitiveness of local workers. In recent years, CEM has partnered with Macau Kung Luen Vocational & Technical Middle School to organize a three-year evening course, “Electrical Power System Technical Operator Course”, in a bid to provide training opportunities for local young people who aspire to join the technical operation industry as well as expand the talent reserve for the sustainable development of Macau.

Three young participants shared their experiences in the event. Lui Chi Fung, one of the participants, reflected that he got to understand the intrinsic natures and values of different positions. He also noted that apart from expertise, effective workplace communication and harmonious relationship among colleagues are equally significant to boost work efficiency. By working closely with a senior executive on the “One Day @CEM”, Lui realized that executives in CEM are always preoccupied with challenging tasks involving intense decision-making with excellent time and job management. This totally shatters the general belief that only junior staff members are busy working while senior executives have less workload.

Another participant Lam Ian Ian said she worked at the Power and Networks Disptach Department and revealed that from the name itself she could not get a clue about the job nature. Her curiosity towards the department was transformed to immense eagerness to learn and work. Being an arts student, she lacks knowledge in the science field and thus encountered difficulties in understanding the jargon used in the workplace. Nevertheless, her mentor endeavored to simplify all the complicated mechanism of the power system by all means. Lam was also invited to have a site-visit of some power generation facilities, which indeed broadened her horizons and made her realize and appreciate the efforts made by all staff members in CEM to ensure a reliable power supply in the city. She hopes she can work in different departments in the future.

Participant Vong Si Ian was assigned work in the Customer Services Department. She was deeply impressed by the excellent English proficiency and the advanced problem-solving skills of the staff members working at the counters. This swiftly reminded her of a saying that “chances only favor the prepared mind” which prompted her to reflect if she is ready to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. The inspiring one-day experience made her ponder over all the continuous efforts behind the continuous supply of electricity in Macau where residents, herself included, can enjoy the life surrounded by numerous electrical appliances such as air conditioners and electric water heaters at home. She said that she was really indebted to all the staff members concerned for providing stable power supply for Macau households all year round, and most importantly, she was so thankful for the precious opportunity given by Macau Federation of Trade Unions and CEM.

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