CEM and Labour Affairs Bureau organized safety training for contractors

25 May 2014, Macau

In order to encourage the contractors to make continuous improvement in work safety, CEM and Macau Labour Affairs Bureau jointly organized a two-day safety training for contractors on 19-20 May, drawing over 100 participants from CEM’s contractors. Wanda Clemente, Senior Manager of Network Planning, Design and Construction Department in CEM, said in her welcoming speech that CEM has always strived to enhance awareness of work safety. Not only has the company encouraged its staff to report hidden risks, it has also proactively promoted work safety to its business partners. In 2008, CEM became the first institution in Macau to present the “Health, Safety, and Environment Excellence Awards” to its contractors & suppliers, with an aim to strengthen partnership and contribute to a safe and more eco-friendly community. Besides, CEM applies its internal targets on work injury frequency rate and work injury severity rate on the contractors starting from 2012. CEM firmly believes it should work with the contractors to build an intrinsically safe working environment. Therefore, CEM held this training to drive continuous improvement in safety among its contractors. At last, she expressed her sincere gratitude to the Labour Affairs Bureau for its support on behalf of CEM.

Labour Affairs Bureau Senior Technician Sou Kuok Fai and CEM Network Planning, Design and Construction Department Senior Engineer Rossi Chau were the main speakers of the training course. Sou Kuok Fai interacted with and explained to the attendees about the potential risks and the dos and don’ts of excavation works, such as how to eliminate factors that may lead to accidents to ensure successful completion of a project. Meanwhile, he also introduced knowledge about the selection, use and maintenance of personal protection equipment. On the other hand, Rossi Chau introduced the routine safety inspection of CEM’s Network Planning Design and Construction Department at construction sites. If the contractor commits any violation, such as lack of illumination or improper use of facilities, CEM will follow up the misconduct and impose a heavy fine.

All the attending contractors’ employees said the lecture was rich in content and practical and they learned a lot. They hope that CEM will offer more similar courses or lectures to enrich their expertise.

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