CEM announces the results of the lucky draw at the Macau Food Festival

Macao, 25 November 2013

In order to promote the concept of induction cooking and bring customers a new cooking experience that is more comfortable, energy saving, safe, convenient and clean, Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A. (CEM) organized a lucky draw at this year’s Macau Food Festival, in a bid to promote the advantages of induction cooking.

Induction cooker has many advantages. Besides it is easy to clean and ideal for modern families, it saves 30-50% of energy compared with conventional stoves and takes less time to cook. However, one should not place sealed containers such as cans on the induction cooker for heating, as the accumulation of hot air will lead to the explosion of the container. In addition, induction cooking can reduce soot and tar and make the kitchen less smoky. It makes the cooking process more comfortable and improves the quality of life for the customers.

As induction cookers are safe, reliable and energy-efficient and in the meantime could help citizens reduce fuel expenses, induction cooking gradually becomes a new trend for cooking.

The lucky draw came to an end in the evening of November 22, with overwhelming responses to the activity. The United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macao President Lei U Weng and Executive Director Elizabeth Chung, Communications and Public Affairs Office Senior Manager Cecilia Nip randomly drew 10 lucky persons winning one single-zone induction cooker each.

Winners will be informed by CEM individually. The ten lucky draw winners are as follows: Cheok Vai Keng, Chan Chi Vai, Chong Chi Vai, Vu Chio Teng, Pun Kar Sin, Lei Veng, Ho Lai Sao, Ng Kuai Ut, Tang Chi Hou, Kong Meng Hon.

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