200 local secondary students participated in CEM's first Solar Model Car workshop

Macau, 8 October, 2013

Companhia de Electricidade de Macau – CEM, S.A. (CEM) in collaboration with Macao Youth Federation, the General Association of Chinese Students and the technical support of Hong Kong Technology & Renewable Energy Events (HK TREE) held a workshop at Centro de Serviços da Zona Norte da Associação Geral dos Operários de Macau earlier for 200 local secondary students with the objective to prepare them for “CEM Solar Model Car Race”, which is going to take place for the first time at Coloane Power Station on 27 October (Sunday). It is the first time CEM organizes the Solar Model Car Race aiming at improving the scientific and technological knowledge of secondary schools students, and promote their awareness of using renewable energy and realize the important effect of renewable energy for the environment protection. The response from the students and teachers was overwhelmed, having received the enrolment of more than 80 teams in representation of 23 local secondary schools. 40 teams were finally selected to take part in the Race, with the participation of more than 200 students and teachers.

The 23 secondary schools participating in “CEM Solar Model Car Race” include Escola Luso-Chinesa Técnico-Profissional, Colégio Mateus Ricci, Escola para Filhos e Irmãos dos Operários, Escola Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Escola Tong Sin Tong, Colégio do Sagrado Coração de Jesus, Colégio do Sagrado Coração de Jesus (Englisg Section), Escola Secundária Pui Ching, Escola Secundária Pui Va, Escola Pui Tou, Escola Kwong Tai, Escola Secundária Sam Yuk de Macau, Escola de Aplicação Anexa à Universidade de Macau, Escola Secundária Técnico-Profissional da Associação Geral dos Operários de Macau, Escola Hou Kong, Colégio Yuet Wah (Chinese Section), Colégio Yuet Wah (English Section), Sheng Kung Hui Escola Choi Kou (Macau), Colégio de Santa Rosa de Lima (English Section), Colégio Diocesano de São José (2 & 3), Colégio Diocesano de São José 5 (Chinese Section), Colégio Diocesano de São José 5 and Escola Keang Peng.

All teams (formed by 3 to 5 students each) participated in the workshop conducted by HK TREE technicians and were provided with a solar panel, a motor and sponsorship for production, while all main parts of the model cars must be made by the students. Teams will design and make their own solar model cars, and compete among themselves for the “Top Three Teams”, “The Overall Fastest Lap Award”, and “The Best Model Car Design Award”. Top three teams will be awarded with MOP3,000, MOP2,000 and MOP1,000 respectively, and a trophy, while the winning teams of “The Overall Fastest Lap Award” and “The Best Model Car Design Award” will receive MOP1,000 each and a trophy. Besides great cash prizes and trophies, all participating students will receive a certificate. On top of that, top three winning teams will represent Macau to compete in the “Hong Kong TREE 2013”, which is going to be held at the HK Science & Technology Parks on 9 November.

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