“Healthy Eating” Induction Cooking Contest Rounded off Successfully

1 September 2013, Macau

In order to raise Macau residents’ awareness of induction cooking and promote healthy diet, CEM and Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM) organized the “Healthy Eating” induction cooking contest once again this year. The contest which was first held last year has continued receiving support from Macau Professional Nutritionist Association. The contest was successfully held at Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of FAOM on 1 September afternoon. Twenty-one groups of participants prepared delicious and healthy dishes featuring nice flavors and aroma on the spot.

The judges of the cooking contest included Wong Kuai Leng, Vice Director of FAOM, Lei U Weng, Director of the United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macau, Tony Chan, Vice President of Macau Professional Nutritionist Association, Leung Sau Hong, instructor at the Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of FAOM, and Iun Iok Meng, Advisor to CEM Executive Committee. Guests presented at the event included: Lam Heong Sang and Leong Vai Fong, Vice Directors of FAOM, Lam Lon Vai, Standing Member of FAOM, Lei Chi Fong, Vice President of CEM Customer Liaison Committee, Ada Chan and Chan Veng Iun, CEM Customer Liaison Committee members, Kuong Chi Fong, Director of Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of FAOM, Cecilia Nip, CEM Communications and Public Affairs Senior Manager. Besides tasting and rating the dishes prepared by the participants on the spot, the judges also shared their experiences in cooking and healthy diet.

Iun Iok Meng said that more families are now using induction cookers as they are safer, convenient, more energy efficient and user-friendly. CEM hopes that the contest can enhance public awareness on induction cooking and the importance of balanced diet. Iun expressed gratitude to the Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of FAOM for its full support by providing the venue and equipment for the contest. His gratitude also extended to the judges who made time out of their busy schedule to join this event and the contestants for their participation and efforts to prepare the healthy dishes with their creativity to promote a healthy lifestyle to the public.

Kuong Chi Fong pointed out that the Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of FAOM has been offering various training courses to help cultivate talents for the local catering industry. It has also always expressed concern over the catering staff’s health and their working environment. Some restaurants have switched to electric kitchenware that produces less noise and harmful gas and lowers the temperature in the kitchen. All these features greatly improve the health of the kitchen workers and benefit the environment. Therefore, the Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of FAOM is also now using electric equipment.

Besides, Catering Services & Cooking Training Centre of FAOM has been actively promoting healthy diet in recent years by using more vegetables and fruits than meat in the cooking classes. The instructors also share techniques on how to use less oil, salt and sugar in cooking and prefer boiling, steaming and baking to change people’s perception that healthy food is tasteless. The cooking contest was open to public. Macau citizens aged over 18 who were not professional chefs were eligible to participate in the contest. The participants were requested to design an eco-friendly and healthy dish and the judges selected the contestants based on the nutrition content and the idea of the dish. Eventually, 21 groups of contestants were selected to join the contest. In order to enhance family harmony, the contest encouraged the participants to work in family team of two to prepare the dishes, which was a different approach from last year. Participants could then improve their relationships by working together and got extra points. Finally, a total of 11 groups took part in the contest as family teams, making the scene warm and lively.

Participants in the contest all used ingredients that were high in nutrition and they cooked with excellent skills and creativity. After a fierce contest, the judges picked the final winners of each award as follows:

AwardsContestants Prizes
GoldShee Va & Lou Chon Hei MOP3,000 electrical appliance coupon + Certificate
SilverHo Sio Weng & Choi Lai I MOP2,000 electrical appliance coupon + Certificate
BronzeLeong Keng Seong & Fok Chi Man MOP1,000 electrical appliance coupon + Certificate
Green ConceptHo Sio Weng & Choi Lai I MOP1,000 electrical appliance coupon

Wong Un Man & Cheong Wun Teng MOP500 electrical appliance coupon

Chio Mei Ha 
Ieong San Mui & Cheang Cheok Weng 
Kuan Kim Fei 
Au Ieong Kin Hou & Chan Sio In 

Induction cooking is healthier and more environmentally friendly than flame cookery. It keeps the kitchen at a relatively pleasant temperature, creates a relaxing cooking environment and makes cooking more fun. Moreover, induction cookers are safer than stoves, as the fire may be blown out by wind. Most induction cookers have time and temperature control, saving users the trouble to keep an eye on the fire. It is a good helper in daily life. Apart from that, when cooking with an induction cooker, the heat can be evenly transmitted from the bottom to the utensil, which can enable one to use less edible oil. In this way, it minimizes the smoke and keeps the kitchen clean, making it healthier than traditional cooking.

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