Zhuhai and Macau jointly organized Photography Exhibition by Employees and Seminar on Communications and Management

16 August 2013, Macau

The cooperation among the staff seems more important upon the close relationship of the power companies in Zhuhai and Macau. Last year, to celebrate the 28th anniversary of the interconnection between Guangdong and Macau, the power companies in the two places succeeded in organizing a cycling tour. This year in January and March, they also succeeded in holding a photography exhibition and friendly matches of table tennis, basketball, badminton and football in Zhuhai and Macau respectively. The aforementioned activities marked the long-term friendly cooperation and profound friendship between the power companies in the two places.

In early July this year, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau organized a group of staff from Guangdong and Macau to visit Sanshui Lotus World in Foshan and take photos there. To this end, nearly 60 photos of lotus they shot will be on display at the Photography Exhibition “Lotus” by the employees from the power companies in Zhuhai and Macau. The exhibition will be open from 10am to 10pm from today to August 19 at the Plaza Gallery for Macau citizens to enjoy the works.

Besides, in order to enhance mutual exchanges, a seminar on the communications and management for the corporate staff was held this afternoon. Human Resources Department Planning and Development Manager Wendy Vong shared experience on the communication management among the CEM employees as well as the harmonious labor relations. Through discussion, the staff from the two places learned from each other on how to build an organizational environment for sincere communications to create a good atmosphere of corporate culture.

Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau, Wen Maohua, said in his speech that the cooperation between Zhuhai and Macau has been sustained for 29 years. This event allowed the friends from Zhuhai and Macau gather together again. The photography exhibition symbolizes the long-term cooperation and friendship between the two power companies. Through the close cooperation, definitely the power industry will be fostered and the service will be uplifted in both regions.

CEM Chief Executive Officer Franklin Willemyns said the above two activities were highly significant. He hoped that the staff from the two places can enhance cooperation to make joint effort to provide reliable power supply service to Zhuhai and Macau. Franklin also expressed gratitude for the support by the staff from the two places and hoped that more similar activities can be held in the future. He looked forward to the 30th anniversary celebration of the Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau next year.

Other guests and participants included Chiang Chong Sek, President of Macau Federation of Trade Unions, Wan Jusheng, Vice-Chairman of the Trade Union of Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau, Li Guibin, Chief of the Office of Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau, Iun Iok Meng, Advisor to CEM Executive Committee, Benjamin Yue, Power and Network Dispatch Department Senior Manager, Cecilia Nip, CEM Communications and Public Affairs Office Senior Manager and Charles Leong, President of Macau Association of CEM and SAAM Workers, and so forth.

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