CEM and Guangdong Power Grid Corporation held electric grid incident drill to prepare for power consumption peak in summer

26 June 2013, Macau

To actively prepare for the upcoming power consumption peak in summer, CEM and Guangdong Power Grid Corporation Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau recently held an anti-accident drill for grid to improve CEM operating staff’s capability of responding to grid incidents.

The drill was jointly organized by CEM and Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau. On that day, CEM first initiated the local generators to test the relevant procedures’ response speed from receiving dispatch commands to successfully parallelize the generators to the grid. In the afternoon of the same day, CEM and Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau rehearsed the breakdown of 220kV double-circuit interconnection from Qinyun Substation in Zhuhai to Lotus Substation in Macau. The drill simulated the sudden breakdown of 220kV double-circuit interconnection caused by external force, the emergency initiation of the backup 110kV interconnection and CEM’s generators, and the gradual resumption to normal operation of the grid by the two sides.

The reliability of power supply in Macau has been improved significantly since the 220kV Lotus Substation was put into operation in 2012. However, the potential construction works along the 220kV interconnection may pose risk of breakdown of the interconnection from external cause and interrupt Macau’s power supply. Therefore, the drill targeted to the potential risks mentioned above in a bid to familiarize the two parties with the incident handling procedure and enhance the capability of responding to such incidents. In addition, the drill will greatly promote the security and reliability of the city’s power supply.

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