Outperforming Peers in Corporate Safety Culture, CEM Achieved a “Zero- Accident” Record

Macao, January 8, 2013

As a major public utility organization in Macao, CEM has been targeting “zero-accident” over the last 10 years. Statistics showed it has reached a record of “without lost time injury” for over 550 days (18 months). In addition, all supporting departments and offices have also reached a remarkable record of “without lost time injury” for 2,190 days (73 months).

CEM Executive Director Joao Travassos said CEM has emphasized on safety culture for ten years, and its safety strategy is to ensure that everybody is held responsible for safety implementation, managers takes up the leading role to drive safety standards to a higher level, and illegal and unsafe practices are never tolerated. He believes CEM’s success in achieving safety targets is attributed to the close cooperation between professional employees and contractors as well as the company’s relentless efforts to strengthen and promote its safety culture.

Statistics indicate that the number of without lost time injuries has decreased substantially over the past ten years. There were 15 accidents in 2001, but thanks to CEM’s continuous endeavor over the years, only two accidents occurred in 2010. In 2012, no accidents have been recorded. For the very first time, CEM has achieved a record of one full calendar year without work accidents.

Joao Travassos pointed out that in order to improve the company’s occupational safety and health awareness, CEM regularly organizes many safety activities for employees, executives and contractors, thus improving their safety awareness and enhancing public security. With a goal to achieve continuous improvements, CEM has organized and participated in the following events: Steering Committee Meeting, Safety Management System, Safety Training and Certification of Competence, Safety Challenge Contest, Near Misses and Unsafe Situations Report, Safety Reflection, Internal / External Audit, Tool Box Talk, Safety Visit, Safety First Campaign, Safety Improvement Project, Hazards Identification, Risk Assessment, Risk Control, Safety Seminar, OHS Committee, OHS Charter, SHE Inspections, Communication Plan for Safety Awareness and Safety Culture, Safety Quiz and SHEQ Awards, etc.

Every year CEM employees participate in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Safety Knowledge Competition hosted by the Macao Labor Affairs Bureau. CEM is proud to say that the Company has been the winner of the enterprise group of the Macao region in the competition for three consecutive years.

In addition, CEM also cares for communities from all walks of life and hopes to reinforce the culture of “Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)” with them. In November 2012, CEM held its first “SHE Experience Sharing Workshop” in Macao. 20 Macao organizations were invited on that day and over 50 participants including professionals and management representatives attended. Joao Travassos stated that the experience sharing workshop did not only aim to strengthen CEM’s cooperation with its business partners, but also aimed to foster safe and high standards of living for Macao citizens. Looking forward to the future, CEM will fully cooperate with its staff and contractors, in a bid to promote Macao’s sustainable development.

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